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Castle Primary School

Enquiry Curriculum

At Castle Primary School the children learn about 5 or 6 topics every year. Each topic is enquiry led and covers a range of different subjects; a lead subject, either science, geography or history and where links are easily made, other subjects like art or music.

Each enquiry always starts with a broad question which provides a focus for the learning. For example, ‘What was the difference between the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age?’ when learning about the Stone Age, or ‘Were the Vikings callous killers or peaceful settlers?’ when learning about the Vikings. The question won’t be able to be answered straight away. Within an enquiry, children are guided by their teachers so that, by the end of the enquiry, they are able to answer the question.

In all enquiries, the emphasis is on children learning by exploring topics and the subject content within these. Enquiry lessons are designed to challenge children to take an active part in their learning and discover the knowledge for themselves.

The content of our curriculum is closely linked to our writing scheme: Pathways to Write. Where there is a link to the book that the class are reading the enquiry will link to the text. We are also fortunate that Keynsham is a town close to two cities that offer a wealth of geographical and historical opportunities.  As much as possible enquiries explore our local area allowing children to develop a thorough an understanding of where they live.

You can find out more about the content of the school curriculum on the different subject pages.