Castle Primary School
Newlands Road,
BS31 2TS

Access is via Newlands Road NOT Dunster Road

0117 986 4489

Castle Primary School

Our Vision & Values

It takes families and schools, working together, to educate children properly.’

 Our Motto

‘Thrive & Learn’

 Our Vision

Our vision is to be the very best school for our community, where children thrive and learn. We will do this by putting our pupils at the centre of all we do and by investing in our staff, our curriculum and the school environment to offer the best possible primary school experience.

 We aim to achieve this by:

  • Having high expectations of all children in their learning
  • Promoting self-esteem, self-efficacy and self-regulation in every child
  • Promoting high standards of behaviour (Castle Behaviour) & the school values
  • Placing a strong focus on attendance and punctuality
  • Developing children’s vocabulary & communication skills
  • Instilling a love of Reading alongside fluency and comprehension
  • Offering a broad curriculum, within and beyond the classroom, which equips children with the knowledge, skills and understanding to succeed 
  • Ensure that our pupils are educated  about the causes of climate change and actions required to address this
  • Enabling healthy lifestyles (including physical, mental and emotional well-being, exercise and sport, a balanced diet, positive relationships and appropriate use of technology)
  • Celebrating diversity and valuing difference within the context of fundamental British values
  • Providing opportunities for supportive parental partnerships & involvement


Our School Values

At Castle School, we focus on three values. We…

 Value Learning

  • by using our mistakes to learn
  • by rising to challenges
  • by learning about climate change and action we can take

Value Others

  • by showing we care
  • by valuing difference
  • by caring for our planet for future generations

Value Ourselves

  • by looking after ourselves (including on the internet)
  • by taking responsibility for our behaviour
  • by taking action to reduce our impact on the natural world

 Our vision and values were discussed with the pupils, parents (Parent Forum), staff and governors during the academic year 19/20.