Castle Primary School
Newlands Road,
BS31 2TS

Access is via Newlands Road NOT Dunster Road

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Castle Primary School


At Castle Primary School, we aim for children to write fluently and clearly for a variety of different purposes.  


One of the ways we do this is by prioritising the teaching of handwriting.    

We follow the Pen Pals scheme to deliver daily handwriting lessons which include gross and fine motor skill exercises as a warm up.  

In Reception, importance is placed on developing finger strength and dexterity alongside the correct letter formations.  As the children progress through KS1, more emphasis is placed on the size and orientation of the letters and once the correct letter formation is established the children begin to learn joins of some digraphs.  Joined handwriting is then developed further throughout KS2 where the children can earn a pen licence once their handwriting has reached the Castle standard. 


We use The Pathways Scheme of work to guide our teaching and learning of writing. Quality texts lead the writing units, strengthening the children’s vocabulary and their love of reading, as well as developing their writing skills. Each term, each year group has a either a fiction or a Non-Fiction writing outcome. In the build up to these main writing outcomes children are taught the grammar skills and vocabulary necessary to write their extended piece.


In Key Stage 2, children take part in weekly discrete spelling lessons following the No Nonsense Spelling scheme of work. The patterns taught during a week are referred to within writing lessons. This allows children to apply their knowledge and understanding of a particular spelling pattern in their writing.