Values and Vision

Following consultation between teaching staff , governors and pupils we have recently revised our four values to more accurately reflect the school as it is today and our aspirations for the future.



These are ‘Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Creativity and Independence’.


In our school we work hard to create motivated learners who ask questions and listen to others. They take pride in their work, develop independent learning habits and strive to do their best. Children have the confidence to try new things and the resilience to persevere even if things get challenging. They see a mistake as a learning opportunity not a failure and are keen to build on their mistakes to develop greater understanding. Children are respectful to the people they meet, their own local environment and the wider world. The school strives to create polite, well mannered members of our school community who understand and respect everybody’s differences and needs.


All staff work alongside the children to model our values. Classrooms are well organised, welcoming places where learning and respect for others are central. Children are treated equally and with respect. Children’s development, educationally and socially is made relevant to them and they are challenged so they can reach their full potential. They are encouraged to take an active role in their learning with opportunities for child-led learning.  Adults in our school are committed to lifelong learning and have the confidence to try new creative ways of teaching.  All staff are committed to learning not just in the classrooms but also at playtimes and through links with home.


In our school community parents/carers are encouraged to be partners in their child’s learning. They are supportive of their own children and of the ethos of the school. Home learning is given great importance and achievements are celebrated at home and at school. Parents/carers are always welcomed into school in a variety of roles and through special events. They model positive behaviour and demonstrate respect and courtesy to the whole school community. They show their commitment to supporting the school through the home-school agreements.


Governors have an integral role in the school community. They spend time learning to understand the running and the ethos of the school and offer support and guidance.  Through regular visits they have an understanding of the curriculum and the needs of the children. Governors offer support and confidently challenge decisions to ensure the children are provided with the best education possible. They offer motivation to the whole community through praise and support. The Governing Body has a confident knowledge of the school and acts as a ‘critical friend’ facilitating discussion about all aspects of school life.

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