At Castle Primary School we are currently writing a brand-new, bespoke wider curriculum. Our new wider curriculum will be taught through cross-curricular enquiries that combine the foundation subjects. Each year group will cover their National Curriculum objectives across the year by answering an enquiry question.

Keep an eye out for our new subject pages which will very soon explain the learning that will be covered. Until then, below is some information about our aims.

Enquiry-led learning

In a nutshell, enquiry-led learning provides learners with ​key questions that are too big to answer in one go, but not so conceptually large that the children do not understand. The purpose is to guide learners through a scaffolded process, answering a big question by producing something, such as a piece of writing, performance or animation.

States of Being

The emphasis is on children learning, not being taught subjects. For instance, teaching Science is a different thought process than planning for learners to become Scientists. Active, practical and experiential, the ​States of Being are essential to allowing children to deepen their curiosity. All staff are expected to use the States in visual timetables, termly planning, displays and newsletters. Each State if Being is characterised to help the children understand what is means and to also challenge stereotypes around them.

At Castle Primary learners become...

Geographers • Scientists • Musicians • Authors • Philosophers • Mathematicians • Artists • Engineers • Historians


Around our school, you will see:

  • High quality and stimulating ‘Enquiry’ displays that show the learning journey of the children toward their end of enquiry ‘challenge’.
  • Enquiry Books filled with a child’s individual response to their enquiry question.
  • Year group floor books packed with pictures of practical learning as the children explore their theme.
  • A showcase page on our website to share learning such as trips, visitors and any videos or digital media created by the children.
  • ABOVE ALL: Excited and talkative children who will want to share their learning with you.

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