Year 6



Term 3

Week 2

Wow, wow and even more wow! This week, we had our WOW Day and we were challenged to produce our own Stirling newspaper in a day. We were split into small groups and took on specific job roles and then designed, created and made it. All of us worked together really well with lots of group talk and helping one another. The newspapers are now taking pride of place on our Inquiry working wall. 

My favourite lesson was Science because we got to play with electrical circuits and our task was to make a circuit as well as predict what might happen if we added more bulbs. Next week, we are going to learn and draw the conventional symbols that scientists use. 

In English, we have started to write, first draft and edit our own piece of persuasive writing. We have learnt lots of key vocabulary to include in our writing and enjoyed reading work out to the whole class. 

In Maths, we have started to tackle fractions and especially ordering them smallest to largest and largest to smallest. We will be moving on to adding and subtracting as well as finding fractions of amounts. 

Note from Miss Wright:  A small reminder… it is  Group 2's last swimming session next week (Friday 19 January) 

Week 1 

We have most definitely hit the ground running in Stirling! 

This week, our favourite lesson was Science because we used the electrical circuits to design and make a circuit - that works! Did you know four batteries can make a bulb glow so brightly it appears white? Also, in English, we have enjoyed writing our own persuasive piece of writing about a topic of our choice. We have been using our key vocabulary as well as magpieing wow words from other examples. Our main focus in Maths has been recapping and refreshing ourselves with SATs styled questions, taken from our most recent mock SATs papers. Mrs Lavelle and Miss Wright have been talking through methods and short cuts about understanding how to solve the questions - there were certainly some light bulb moments! 

Next week, we are looking forward to our penultimate week of swimming. By RB and MM.  


Term 2

Week 7 ...


Week 6

Stirling is on the final countdown to the Christmas Holidays! 

My favourite lesson has been English because we watched a short film clip of 'The Chronicles of Narnia' when Lucy walked through the wardrobe and entered the magical world. Our story focus was to write what happens at each part and then predicting the ending with a cliffhanger...!! 

Mrs Haines taught a brilliant Science lesson where we made our own periscopes using old pizza boxes, templates and mirrors. It was great to see everyone's final creations. 

The whole class are looking forward to performing our Christmas Songs on Monday 11 December and getting into the Christmas spirit with lots of creative activities. By JB

Note from Miss Wright  A small reminder… Please can you remind your child to take their PE Kits home this week. 

Week 5

This week, our favourite lesson was PSHE because we were learning about what friendship is and how we offer friendship to others. Our creative task was to design a poster that helps people gain friendships. We also listened to a song, by Bruno Mars, talking about the importance of friendship. 

We have been cracking on with our 'Mock SATS' week to prepare us for the real thing in May. On Wednesday, we did a cheeky bit of pre-Christmas crafting! We have been designing our very own wrapping paper. Next week, we will be beginning to make them for real!  

There has been a lot of construction happening on the main playground. They are now working on an alternative entrance before they make a safe route for vehicles to get to the construction site. 

Finally, on Thursday afternoon, Key Stage 2 watched Aesop's Travelling Theatre Company perform 'Robin Hood Saved the Forest'. It was paid for by The Friends of Castle and we want to say a huge thank you to you all because we throughly enjoyed the marvellous show! By RG. 

Week 4

We have had another jam-packed week in Stirling!

Our favourite lesson was Science because we were working in small group using torches and pendes to make different sizes when we moved the light source - how interesting! We continued our extended writes about 'The Iron Man' and really enjoyed exploring our imaginations and developing ourselves as independent writers. Our best day has been today (Friday!) because we earnt two marbles for brilliant behaviour in Maths, English and Swimming. Next week, we are looking forward to our Science and Maths lessons because those are our two favourite subjects and we learn lots! By RW and JG. 

Week 3

This week in Stirling our favourite lesson has been PSHE. We discussed and explored the topic of anti-bullying and how important it is to us all. Our final creations were designing and drawing blue hands to stick on a poster and think of the five steps to prevent bullying. In English, we have been re-writing our own versions of 'The Iron Man' and really focusing on including expanded noun phrases, adverbs, prepositional phrases. We have all seen a huge improvement from September so let's keep it up! The class are really looking forward to the Winter Disco tonight. By AG and SD 

Week 2

This week, in Stirling, we have really enjoyed our Maths and Writing lessons. We have moved on to explore 'The Iron Man' and developing our own bank of words to help up-level our own writing. Our challenge for next week is moving on to multiplication and division so we need to keep up the good work of practising our times tables.In Science, we investigated the different parts of the eye and how it helps us to see and react in different ways. We are really looking forward to our next Science and PE lessons, next week!  By MM and GS

Note from Miss Wright  A small reminder… Group 2 Swimmers will be having their first swimming lesson next Friday (17th November 2017) so please remember your kits. 

Week 1 

This week, in Stirling, we have thoroughly enjoyed our philosophy session on Wednesday afternoon. Mr Miles is coming in, once a week, to discuss deeper thinking questions and investigating optical illusion pictures. In Science, we learnt about the interesting way light travels and how we see light through our eyes. We have moved onto a new unit of learning, in English, focusing on writing a narrative for the film 'The Piano' (this is a '15' film but the small clip we are using is appropriate for a 'U' certificate). We generated lots of discussions and bank of vocabulary by 'hot seating' the man from the film which will help us extend our writing. We are really looking forward to tackling more addition and subtraction challenges, next week!  By KS and EW


Little Canada



Term 1

Week 6

This week, in Stirling, we have been challenging ourselves with lots of problem solving tasks and in English we wrote thank you letters to Mrs Haines and PGL. We think English went well because everyone had lots of positive things to share about the previous week. Our favourite lesson was Circle Time because we were discussing how to say nice things to everyone.  We are all looking forward to having a break next week.  Written by KW and CP 

Week 5 

This week, in Stirling, we have been writing our own newspaper articles, either about Mrs Lavelle's cat being catnapped or Miss Wright's chickens being stolen... We do hope both problems get resolved soon!  In our opinion, we believe that Maths was the best lesson because we have been using column method to solve calculation problems. Column method is everybody's favourite method.  The thing that went well was that we earned five marbles this week! Our class marble reward is going to be a well deserved afternoon of sporting activities.  The one thing that lots of us are looking forward to is Year 6 camp! The children who are not going are staying with Mrs Haines and Mrs Lavelle for a week of exciting base camp activities.  Written by JM and JB  

Week 4 

This week, our favourite lesson was English because we have started exploring a new unit of learning about Newspaper Articles. We have looked at the features and structure of an article as well as developing our own headlines for a newspaper! In Maths, we have tackled a tricky unit of learning about how to round large numbers. We have looked at practising our new learning, applying it in different ways then challenging ourselves with deepen tasks - we've really enjoyed it! The whole class are really looking forward to either our time away at Little Canada or the exciting activities Mrs Haines is planning for those staying at base camp. There are lots of fun things to look forward to.  Written by AT and LM

Week 3

This week, our favourite lesson was Science because we got to do fun things like finger printing and we had Mrs Haines teaching us. We’ve been working hard practising our ‘Cracking Times Tables’ and 'Club 78’. It is hard when you first try but when you do it lots of times… you get it! We have earned a lot of marbles this week for good behaviour and setting the example in assembly… let’s keep it up. Next week, we are excited to explore our next steps in Science and learning more about inheritance and evolution.  Written by LK and AM

Note from Miss Wright  A small reminder… all permission and medication forms for camp must be handed into the office by Wednesday 4 October.  

Week 2 

Another busy week in Stirling!

This week we have been exploring and identifying features of autobiographies and creating our own timelines in chronological order. We enjoyed sharing our past memorable experiences and events!

We have started revisiting and revising reading and writing numbers up to 10,000,000. Some of the numbers have been getting us slightly tongue tied! Everyone is working hard to crack those times tables and it is showing in our weekly ‘Cracking Times Tables’ and ‘Club 78’ scores – keep it up!

Our WOW Day was thoroughly enjoyable and busy. We tackled the challenge of building our own suspension bridges out of different materials using a set budget. Everyone worked collaboratively and the team work shone through in every group – well done all!

A note from Miss Wright ...  Homework has been given out and is due in on Wednesday. Please let us know if there are any problems or queries you may have.

Week 1

A Super Start from Stirling!

This week we have all worked really cooperatively settling into life in Year 6. It has been great getting to know each other and taking on responsibilities around the classroom and school environment.

Next week, we will be having our WOW Day and exploring our Inquiry for the term (nobody knows when it’s going to happen or what is going to happen…!!).

Stirling signed off for the weekend.  By J

NB from Miss Wright – Please can I remind you that PE kits (including trainers not daps) must be in school every day but we will usually have PE on Wednesdays and Fridays. Swimming lessons will start next week for children in Group 1 (if you didn't receive a text, please contact the Office) so please make sure you have your swimming kit with you.