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Term 2 

Week 3

The children have had another busy and exciting week! We began the week with game of Jeopardy to test our skills in identifying different grammatical features. The children have been working really hard to carefully assess their writing and check to see if it includes all the features of a recount. The children have been passionate to share their recounts and we have heard many interesting tales of near death experiences, first time experiences and some amazing sounding holidays! On Wednesday we changed into reporters and starting thinking about creating impersonal recounts such as newspaper reports. The children have been really excited to learn lots of new vocabulary to help with their writing and make their reports sound like they have been written by professional journalists! In maths we have been learning about column addition and subtraction, starting with the meaning of the word column! The children have been working really hard to develop their cooperative learning skills and participated in a cup pyramid challenge on Tuesday and worked to uncover the magic path in our PE lesson on Friday. On Wednesday we went outside in Science to test out why the moon and the sun look about the same size from Earth when we know that the sun is so much bigger!  By Miss Stephens.

Well done to Emmy for receiving Pupil of the Week!

Week 2

This week in Yarmouth we have been playing educational games on the iPads. In maths we have been solving number problems and think with quick strategies. Every Tuesday Mrs Adams will be taking a group cooking.  In Inquiry we have been looking at Viking houses and doing some research on the iPads. By Spencer

Well done to Hope for receiving Pupil of the Week!

Week 1

This week has been really fun. In PE we have been playing football and we kicked the ball to each other. In Maths we have been learning addition and subtraction. We have been learning how to work out calculations in our heads. With Ms Hobbs we have learned how to say numbers 1 to 12 in Spanish.

In Inquiry we have been learning about longships and how they are made. Did you know the mast was made from a single tree trunk? In Science we have been learning about the moon and how it has different shapes every night. By Emmy

Well done to Jessie for receiving Pupil of the Week!

Term 1

Week 6

This week in Yarmouth we have...

Spanish: We have been learning the colours, for example: rojo - red (pronounced ro-ho), azul - blue (pronounced ah-sul). 

Maths: We have been working on Roman numerals and how to decipher codes. We also worked out that one of the longest numbers between 1-1000 is 888 - DCCCLXXXVIII

English: We are writing some of our own Viking myths that we planned earlier this week. We have also been working up to being able to teach the Year 3s about fronted adverbials. By Georgia

Well done to Zoe for receiving Pupil of the Week!

Week 5

This week on Thursday it was 'Balloons around the World ' day. We made our own hot air balloons. I loved building the basket because when it was stuck on it looked ready to take off! In English we looked at opening paragraphs and sentences and started to write our own for a Viking myth. In Inquiry we made our own frightening Viking profiles. In PE we were doing challenges in teams including the Lava Pit! See you in the next blog! By Liam

A message from Miss Stephens - Pupil of the Week was not awarded this week due to our special Harvest Assembly. However I feel the whole of Yarmouth have been superstars this week! You demonstrated enormous resilience whilst making the hot air balloons and did an amazing job to persevere, not give up and help and support each other. Well done everyone, the balloons look fantastic! 

Week 4

This week in Yarmouth we started making our own Vikings in Inquiry. We even found proper Viking names. In Science we learnt about the how the Earth orbits the sun and how the moon orbits the Earth. In English we made our own myths. In PE we played basketball. By Ronnie

Well done to Connor for receiving Pupil of the Week!

Week 3

This week we have been doing lots of fun things! One amazing thing we didn’t know we could do was Algebra which is cool! We have also done our first Science lesson on Earth and Space and that was really fun! The best thing I’ve enjoyed this week is Myths and Legends because we have been learning so much about the gods and I like it a lot!  By Isabella

Well done to Chantelle for receiving Pupil of the Week!

Week 2

This week has been so much fun in Yarmouth.  We have been lucky enough to have the best teacher ever, Miss Stephens.  In Maths we have been sorted into groups: Spheres, Triangular Prisms, and the Dodecahedrons.  We have learnt a lot and all of us have had so much fun learning about number lines!  In English we have been watching myths and jotting down the features; it is so fun.  We have our WOW Day on Tuesday which was all about Vikings.  We played a game where you had to get your boat/mat to the other side of the hall using your legs but not touching the floor.  It was hard but we all got there; it was the best.  We designed shields and painted them, and took a picture on the field.  By Aaron M

Well done to Josh for receiving 'Pupil of the Week'!

Week 1

It’s has been a fantastic first week in Yarmouth! The children have returned to school excited and ready to learn. We have spent the week reflecting on our hopes and dreams for the year; creating expectations for the class to help make the classroom an optimal learning environment, and finding out exactly what we know and understand to guide our learning this term. We have also been thinking about our book choices and have been enthusiastic to spend time evaluating the range of strategies we use as readers.

Thank you to those parents/carers I have already met for welcoming me so warmly.  I look forward to meeting everyone else as soon as possible.  Miss Stephens