Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Term 6 of Year 5.

In English this term, we will be revising the writing skills we've learned over the year, particularly focusing on forming complex sentences and perfecting our use of punctuation. We'll continue developing our reading skills during guided reading sessions, especially looking at the structure and features of non-fiction texts. Please ensure reading records are being completed at least four times a week to support the work we're doing in school.

In Maths we will be learning about multiplying fractions and percentages. We'll be revising some of the trickier work we've done over the year to ensure everyone is confident for Y6, which includes daily practise of calculation methods.

Homework continues to be set weekly.  It is essential this is completed as it contributes towards children's learning development and supports their work in school.  It is expected that work is presented as carefully at home as in school, with children focusing on handwriting, spelling and punctuation.

Each week, children must:

  1. Complete ten sentences using spellings from their spelling card
  2. Write a definition for each of the three definition words, and write a sentence using each word correctly in context
  3. Practise their spellings and times tables targets
  4. Read at home four times a week.  This should be recorded with a detailed response in their Reading Records which will be checked weekly during Guided Reading.

If Homework is not completed, children will be asked to complete their work during Golden Time.  This includes children who are not progressing through their spelling and multiplication targets.  If there are issues with completing Homework after school, children are invited to complete work during Homework Club on a Wednesday and should speak to their teacher about this.

Children are expected to have their PE kits in school everyday. This term, indoor PE lessons will be on Monday afternoons, and the classes will have a specialist coach on a Thursday afternoon to teach them basketball.  Kits should be suitable for outdoor games during winter, including trainers with adequate grip.

As ever, if there are ever any issues or anything you'd like to discuss, please do feel free to catch us at the start or, preferably, end of the school day.  As we will only have a couple of minutes to talk to you then, if you’d like to sit down for a chat with us, pop along to the Office and they will happily book an appointment for you.

Mr Wilson and Miss North


Our Weekly Blog

Term 6

Week 5

It's been a busy week in Year 5.  We've continued our work on percentages in Maths, with lots of children moving on to deepen their learning which was really pleasing to see. In English, we have been revising punctuation skills to use when we come to write our own mythological tale next week.  Meanwhile, we have been learning about Alfred the Great in Inquiry, and questioning what made him such a memorable person in history.

The children have also been completing Year 6 SATs assessments this week to get an understanding of their needs for next year. Although the outcomes to these tests won't be released, some children have really shone, some even greatly exceeding expectations, and I will be speaking to individuals who could do with that confidence boost before they move into their final year in September. One thing that was clear from the tests was that children need to ensure they are reading instructions carefully - this could be a super-helpful skill to practise at home over the summer - reading instructions for baking, making toys, playing games- this will really help prepare them for a challenging year.

The children's annual reports went home on Thursday, and I hope you've had a chance to sit down and read about you child's successes in Year 5.  It would be great if you could go through the reports with your children; it really helps reinforce the work we do in school if you're showing support at home, and I also think it's really important that children are clear about how they've succeeded over the year. Our Celebration Evening will be on Wednesday 12 June, where I'll be happy to discuss your child's report with you.

Week 4

It's been a fun week in Year 5 this week.  We have begun learning about percentages in Maths and I've been so impressed with how quickly the children have picked up what many can find to be a tricky area of maths! Well done everyone!

In English, we have been learning about a mythological tale called The Stolen Hammer, which recounts the drama of what happened when the frost giant Thrym stole Thor's amazing hammer. We're looking forward to doing lots of great writing on this over the coming weeks.

The children had a really exciting science lesson this week, learning about the work of the wonderful David Attenborough. The classes have researched an animal of their choice and been writing narratives for documentaries in the style of David Attenborough. We heard Windsor's presentations on Thursday and they were absolutely stunning! Megan gave a particularly wonderful presentation about platypuses where she really embodied the spirit of Attenborough's delivery and style.

The children from Dover will have a chance to do their presentations next week, and I cannot wait to hear what they've prepared!

As you will have read in the newsletter, Miss North has been suffering with ill health recently and now will be off till the end of the year. Both classes will now come into Windsor Class in the morning for registration, and as I will be taking responsibility for the whole year group, any questions/concerns need to come to me; as ever, I'll be happy to meet with parents/carers, just pop along to book an appointment at the office.  Mrs Lavelle has kindly offered to start her HLTA role early and will be supporting me in the teaching of both classes in the morning, and Mrs Shane will be supporting learners in both classes in the morning, whilst Mrs Weeks will be helping out in Science and Inquiry lessons.

Please note, that for children in Dover, some of our timetabling is a little different to that they're used to:

  • Times Tables tests will be completed on a Thursday morning
  • Spelling tests (including definition detectives) will be completed on Friday morning
  • Homework books must be handed in on a Thursday and will be returned on a Friday
  • For the final few weeks, PE lessons will be on a Wednesday and Thursday, and, providing the weather holds out, both will be outdoors

Wednesday 12 July will be our Celebration Evening. The children have worked so hard this year and produced some wonderful work so, if you can, please do pop along to see it.

Week 3

It was Poetry Week and pupils learned the key features in poetry such as alliteration, onomatopoeia, and personification. Pupils then wrote their own poems and both Mr Wilson and I were very impressed with their efforts. They then went on to read a selection of poems, which they found to be either descriptive, funny, deep or boring! Understanding on how to express their opinion and being able to explain their reasons has been hugely successful this week.

Pupils then voted for their favourite poem, Dover Class chose ‘Sick’ by Shel Silverstein and Windsor Class chose ‘Oh, I wish I’d looked after me teeth’ by Pam Ayres. They then learned how to perform it with clear volume, intonation, tone and engaging gestures and facial expressions. Year 5 pupils felt both excited and nervous about performing in front of the whole school on Friday and did a smashing job. You should all feel exceptionally proud of their efforts; we certainly are!

In Maths, pupils have continued their work with multiplying mixed numbers by a whole number. Pupils are feeling much more confident in their understanding of fractions and how to solve problems using diagrams to support their understanding. It's been great to see pupils still working hard to move up in the Multiplication club. There's still time to keep making progress so please remind pupils to continue practising.

There weren’t any Pupils of the Week this week due to the Poetry Performance Assembly. There are, however, many contenders for next week as a result of their wonderful efforts this week.

Week 2

It's been a really great week in Year 5. The classes have been applying their learning of passive voice and organisational features to create information texts about farms and funfairs. In Maths, we have begun learning about multiplying fractions in maths, focusing on using drawing to support thier understanding and applying their multiplication knowledge to complete work mentally. We've also been revising our prior learning on mixed number- and improper fractions.

We've really enjoyed taking advantage of the sunshine this week with our PE lessons, and had a great Benchball competition on Wednesday. It was really great seeing the pupils apply their ball control skills so well and to work brilliantly together as team.

Congratulations to Windsor's pupil of the week, Riley W, who has been showing exemplary behavior and a fantastic attitude to learning in class this week, and a big well done to Katie in Dover, who is their Pupil of the Week for her excellent contributions in lessons. What a pair of stars!

Week 1

The classes have had a good first week back. In English, we have been learning about active and passive voice in writing, and seen how the passive voice can help make information texts clearer. In Maths, we have finalised our work on decimal numbers, and we have begun thinking about our next unit of work where we'll be multiplying fractions.

In Science, we have been comparing the gestation periods of different animals and seeing if this correlates with their life expectancy. Meanwhile, in Inquiry, we have been learning more about the Viking invasion of Britain- we've learned an exciting song about the Vikings which is part of a Viking play we're learning.

A note from Mr Wilson and Miss North: A number of children seem to be forgetting the essentials when coming into school. Please make sure: their PE kits are in school every day for the entire term; that reading records and reading books come to school every day; and that children bring labelled water bottles to school, especially at this time of year! A reminder also that children should have their own sunhat and suncream - it is essential that both have the child's name on (and suncream cannot be shared between children).




Term 5

Week 5

How is it the end of term already?!  The pupils have worked very hard in lessons on decimal numbers, becoming increasingly confident in ordering and comparing numbers with up to three decimal places, and have continued working on understanding the language features of information texts.

This week has been Sports Week and what a fab week the children have had! Many thanks to Mrs Richards for organising all the different activities- the pupils especially loved getting to try out the climbing wall again, and the wild circus skills afternoon was a real hit!

Over half term, please can we ask that pupils continue practising their reading skills. We expect them to read as many times over the half term week as they would do during a normal school week, and will check reading records on the first week back.

Have a lovely break!

Week 4

This week, pupils have finished their work on volume, having completed some really challenging tasks! They have now moved on to learning about decimal numbers, particularly focusing on the place value of numbers with up to three decimal places.

In English, we have begun looking at information texts. We have identified and discussed the features of a text about Viking houses, and thought about how the different features help with a reader's understanding.

Week 3 - by Katie, Windsor

We've had a great week in school.

In English, we have been busy finishing our work on setting descriptions.  On Thursday we had a writing morning where we planned and wrote multi-sensory setting descriptions.  Some of us wrote about enchanted forests and some of us wrote about abandoned houses.  I liked hearing everyone's work, especially Meg's because it was so detailed and imaginative.

In Maths, we've finished learning about volume and revised the bus stop method to help with our division work in class.  We also had a go at some of the old Year 6 SATs questions, and were pleased to see that they weren't as scary as we thought they might be!

We've finished making our Viking helmets and they're currently drying.  Mr Wilson promises to share some pictures on here next week so you can see how awesome they are! 

Week 2 - by Ava, Windsor

We've had a really nice week in school this week.  We've been thinking about writing setting descriptions in English and have planned for our extended writes next week.  In Maths, we've been working on volume and had some really tricky apply and deepen activities to do - it made our brains hurt!  In Science, we made graphs to show how babies grow in the first year after their birth.

The best day was Thursday because we had our WOW event.  This term, our Inquiry is How Vicious Are The Vikings? and we're really looking forward to learning about the violent Vikings, their culture and why they're so famous. For our WOW Day we explored Viking artifacts and then created helmets in the style of Viking warriors.  We've also been learning about runes, the lettering used by some Vikings for writing, and been trying to use them in our writing.

A message from Mr Wilson:  Many thanks to everyone for bringing in their PE kits this week - 100% of children were able to take part,  which is perfect.  Unfortunately, there's been a drop in homework being handed in this week - please see above for homework expectations.  If children are not completing their homework, they will miss a chunk of their Golden Time on Fridays to complete it - and we'd prefer everyone gets to enjoy this time after working hard all week!  If there are issues with your child completing their homework at home, we may be able to offer them a place at Homework Club on a Wednesday- have a chat to your child's classteacher if you need to!

Week 1 - From Mr Wilson

A big welcome back to another term!

The children have had a really positive week back- we've been really impressed with behaviour and how quickly the children have settled back into their learning - well done, everyone.

In English this week, we have begun learning about setting descriptions and been developing our vocabulary and punctuation skills to write these.  Meanwhile in Maths, we have been making, drawing and calculating the volume of cubes and cuboids.  Pupils have begun learning cube numbers and will continue practising recognising these next week.

In Science, we looked at the timeline of human lives and how humans develop through their lives.  We thought about how the pupils are currently developing in their 'childhood' phase of development, and will be furthering their learning next week by looking at how babies grow.

Before the holiday, a letter was sent home regarding science lessons this term where pupils will be learning about how humans develop during puberty. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, you're welcome to speak to your child's class teacher.

As a final note, 11 children did not have their PE kits in school this week and so only 2/3s of Year 5 were able to take part in our specialist cricket sessions.  PE teaching is a statutory requirement and children must partake in these sessions.  Please ensure your child's PE kit is in school for lesson on a Monday (indoor) and Thursday (outdoor) - these are allowed to be left in school for the term. Thank you.

Term 4

Week 7

A big thank you to everyone who came to our class assembly today - the children were delighted to see so many supportive faces in the audience!  This week, they've worked really hard to create a script, design props and rehearse their performance to show off their fantastic learning from this term.  Well done to all of them!

Over the Easter Holidays, there is no specific homework set.  However, it would be great if the children could continue practising their times tables as we'd like as many as possible to reach level 10 by the end of the year.  It is expected that children will continue as normal with their weekly readings, and so we should have 12 new reads to check in their reading records at the end of the first week back.

We hope everyone has a really wonderful break - fingers crossed the sun keeps shining! - and we look forward to seeing everyone back, fresh faced, on Monday 24th April for Term 5. 

Week 4

What a week! Year 5 have been having tests nearly every day to see what they have learned in Maths and SPAG. They have also completed a reading comprehension paper. It's been exhausting but it's now finally over!

The best thing about this week has been our visit to Broadlands. Year 5 tried out many different science experiments and activities including making slime and building a space buggy. Some pupils felt it was the best trip they've ever had.

Dover had a particular exciting week this week as not only did they win 100% attendance for last week but they also welcomed a new member to the class and are pleased with the opportunity of making a new friend. 

Pupil of the week in Dover was Grace for her fantastic attitude at Broadlands and her hard work in spellings. Katie won pupil of the week in Windsor for her brilliant effort, independence and resilience in reading. Congratulations to you both.

Week 3 - From Mr Wilson

We've had a lovely week in Year 5.  During English, we have continued learning about adverts, and begun learning some more complex SPAG (Spelling and Grammar) skills, including how to use colons and semi-colons!  On Thursday, we tried our hand at writing some new adverts and the children were full of creative ideas, including one advert promising a suitcase that could pack itself... can you imagine?!

In Maths, we completed our work on negative numbers and have begun working on Roman numerals and the children have taken to this like ducks to water!  Lots of excellent work has been produced by all, so well done everyone.

During Inquiry, we have begun designing catapults to learn about different kinds of mechanisms, and are looking forward to creating our own designs with lollypop sticks next week.

A reminder to parents/carers that it's parent's evening next week: you can book appointments via the online link on the school's website or by speaking to the Office if this isn't possible and they will be happy to book you a slot.  If you're not able to make an appointment next Wednesday or Thursday, myself and Miss North will be happy to arrange to meet you another time after school; again, if you speak to the Office, they can arrange a time for us to meet up.

Week 2

In English this week, Year 5 have been learning about the features of adverts. After hearing about a holiday park, some of us wrote a postcard about visiting it whilst other wrote a glowing review as if we were on Trip Advisor. Some of us tried the gold challenge where we wrote a letter of complaint as we felt the experience didn’t live up to the standards set by the advert!

In Maths, we’ve been learning about negative numbers. We have learned to order both negative and positive numbers and applied our understanding for reading a thermometer. We have also considered money and as to whether a person would be overdrawn or in credit depending on their shopping habits.

In Inquiry this week, we’ve been learning air and water resistance. We investigated the effects of different sizes in a parachute for air resistance and learned that the bigger the parachute the greater the resistance.

Dover was particularly proud of Sky winning the KS2 competition in for her entry of the 500 words competition. We also want to congratulate all entries and wish them luck in the BBC Radio 2 competition.

The best thing about this week was World Book Day! Year 5 were inspired by their class book Harry Potter and the Philosophers’ Stone. Pupils dressed up as pupils from Hogwarts, dementors, rats and even house elves!

Week 1 - Written by Mr Wilson

Windsor and Dover have had an awesome first week back!

It's been our Enterprise Week and the classes elected to run a Lemonade Stand.  On Monday, we learned about profits and margins to prepare for our business, and wrote a presentation for Mrs Harris to ask for a business loan.  She was wowed by our presentation, so we were able to proceed with the planning of our stall on Tuesday. We developed our business plan and creating eye-catching adverts to draw in customers.  Lucy, Skye and Joe gave a really persuasive talk in assembly to drum up interest so, by the end of the day, everyone was talking about our Lemonade Stand!

Wednesday was our first day of sales.  We made lemonade in the morning, and I think it's fair to say we were all surprised at how delicious it was ... myself included! Our first sale was at lunchtime, an excellent idea of Gracie's, and we surpassed our sales target, which was wonderful.  We decided to reinvest our money to get more lemons for Thursday, meaning we could double the volume of lemonade we had to sale.

Thursday was the day of our big sale and we ran two stalls, one in KS1 and one in KS2 - Megan's super business idea.  We were wowed by the number of customers who came to our stall, and again surpassed our sales target!

In total, through our Enterprise Week, we were able to raise £128 profit, which is absolutely incredible!  We're looking forward to spending this on some fun activities in the summer.  A massive well done to all the children- they were so enthusiastic and worked incredibly hard this week ... and an especially big well-done to Megan, Gracie and Joe for their game-changing suggestions which helped make our sale such a massive success!



Term 3

Week 6 - Written by Miss North

In English this week, Year 5 have been writing newspaper reports about the believed supernatural theft in the school library. We have also finished reading The Iron Man and look forward to reading more wonderful stories together later in the year.

In Maths, we’ve been learning about improper fractions and mixed numbers. Pupils enjoyed the opportunity of being able to drawing fractions to help with their understanding.

In Inquiry this week, we’ve been learning about gravity and how it varies on different planets. Did you know that we measure gravity in Newtons and that we’ve been mixing up our understanding of weight and mass?

We have started planning our Enterprise Week and can’t wait to get started next term. We have also been planning ideas for Radio 2’s ‘500 words’ competition. Entries to be returned to school on 21st February!

Dover’s Pupil of the Week was Jude as Miss North has been impressed with how much more he’s contributing in class discussion, in particular Guided Reading.

In Windsor, the Pupil of the Week was…. THE WHOLE CLASS! Mr Wilson was proud of their independent learning with regards to their homework.

Week 5 - Written by Mr Wilson

We've had an interesting week in school.  The children have been working on improper fractions in Maths, and have been using concrete and pictorial strategies to do their work.  We have continued with our newspaper writing in English, which is useful since on Thursday an alien broke in to our library!  We shall have to investigate this and write about it next week.  In Inquiry, we have learned about day and night, and we have also completed some really interesting work on time zones.

In Windsor, Anya is our pupil of the week for her excellent work in Maths and, in Dover, Roman is pupil of the week for his amazing Inquiry homework.  Well done.

Week 4 - Written by Miss North and Roman, Dover Class

In Maths, we’ve been learning about how to calculate multiplying four digit numbers and how recognising multiplication as the inverse of division can help us solve problems with missing numbers.

In our Space Inquiry this week, we have been looking at the first ever moon landing. Pupils had the choice to either retell the events or write it as a newspaper report. On Thursday, we created space art pictures inspired by Peter Thorpe, using oil pastels. Some of us even managed to include an abstract background.

On Friday, we watched Year 4 give their celebration assembly about visiting the SS Great Britain and how they learned about Brunel’s inventions. Apparently, Brunel would keep a sandwich underneath his hat! Arundel managed to make top hats as inspired by Brunel, which they thought were better than Brunel’s own hat.

The best thing about this week was swimming as it was so much fun. My group got to try seal diving, which was really fun and challenging as we tried to reach the bottom of the pool!

Week 3 - Written by Lucy and Katie, Windsor Class

This week in Maths we have continued learning about area and perimeter, and we've been using lots of multiplication methods to help us solve some really tricky problems.  We particularly liked finding the area of football pitches and running tracks; that was fun!

In English we have carried on reading 'The Iron Man'.  We love it!  In our lessons, we have been writing our own monster mystery story and it's been good.  My story was about a scarecrow on a cliff, and Lucy's was about a snowman falling from a snowy mountain!  We might share some of our stories in our upcoming class assembly... watch this space!

On the subject of space, we have been learning about the solar system in Inquiry lessons this week.  We have been quite the astronomers as we learned about the different planets.  Lucy's favourite was Venus because it was covered in lava, and my favourite was Earth, because it's our home... and definitely the prettiest planet!

Earlier this week we learned about the geocentric and heliocentric models of the universe.  If you want to find out how brainy we are and how hard we worked- ask us to explain what these models look like!

In Year 5, our two pupils of the week were Abi (Windsor) and Leslie (Dover). Both of them have been showing more resilience in maths lessons, so well done to them!

Both our classes are currently thinking about Random Acts of Kindness, so watch out for unprecedented cups of tea turning up in the near future!

Week 2 - Written by Miss North

In English this week, Year 5 have been reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We’ve only read the first chapter so far and we’re absolutely hooked! Inspired by this mysterious story, pupils have innovated it by planning their own mystery stories. With characters ranging from Lego Man to Zack the Zombie I can’t wait to read pupils' stories next week.

In Maths, pupils been learning about how to calculate the area and perimeter of a square or rectangle. They have been applying their understanding of using column addition and multiplication to do this and are starting to get into the swing of it.

This week, we went to @Bristol for our WOW Day. It was fantastic! We attended a Destination Space workshop and completed a range of activities. Our favourite tasks were probably the Robot Arm Challenge and the Rocket Blast Off. We watched a fabulous 3D show called the Exploring the Solar System. It really did feel like we were travelling through space!

This was Dover’s second swimming session this week and I was really impressed with how hard the class worked in the pool and how responsible they were travelling through Keynsham.

All in all, a stellar week for Year 5.


Week 1 - Written by Sky and Ruby, Windsor Class

We've had an exciting first week back.  This week has been Key Stage 2 History Week and we have been learning about the Incan empire.

Did you know:

  • The Inca empire was built on the Andes Mountains in South America?
  • The empire spread across six countries, including Peru, Argentina and Columbia?
  • The Incas believed Inti, the god of the sun, sent his children Manco and Mama to earth to start the civilisation?
  • Incas are remembered for thier amazing building skills, their beautiful weaving and gentle panpipes?

In Windsor, we were excited to meet Mrs Gillard who is going to be taking our class on Friday mornings when Mr Wilson has his planning time.

This week, our pupils of the week were Riley W and Joe.  Riley W got his award for independent history work in class, and Joe got his award for sharing his work and ideas in class discussion.  Well done lads!

Message from Mr Wilson and Miss North: A big welcome back to everyone! We hope you all had a lovely break.  The children in both classes have been a delight to teach this week- thank you to all of you for making this first week back so lovely!

Children will be coming home with an Inquiry Homework this week.  This homework is optional but we'd really like everyone to give it a go!  Homework is due in the week following the February school holiday and we're looking forward to seeing what the children get up to.

Please remember that next Wednesday, 11 January, is our trip to @Bristol.  Please ensure children come to school with a packed lunch and in full school uniform.



Term 2

Week 7 - From Mr Wilson

I'm not quite sure how but it's already the end of term 2... doesn't time fly when you're having fun?! The children have had a really festive filled week in school, including revisiting this term's maths skills to do Christmassy maths problems, and completed their book reviews in English. We completed our inquiry 'Is Nature Dangerous?' by making glittery, bottle tornadoes which looked very dangerous (and pretty...)

We've decided to give the children a proper break over the school holiday and so have set no homework to do.  However, Miss North and I have asked that the children do carry on reading four times a week as usual.  When we review their reading records at the end of the first week back, we expect to see at least twelve reads recorded. However, there will be no spellings, mental maths or times tables to do during week one.

It only remains for me to wish everyone a very merry Christmas from me and Miss NorthWe hope the children have a lovely, restful, exciting Christmas, and we look forward to seeing them in the new year.

Week 6 - Written by Katie Carter

In English, we have been learning about reviwing books. We’ve been using Talk for Writing to learn a review about our class book ‘The Worry Website’ by Jaqueline Wilson.

We’ve been practising our understanding of using relative clauses and fronted adverbials. We’ve also been writing sentences with modal verbs and adverbs. We’ve also been learning about the difference in opinion and facts and used this skills in writing reviews on our favourite things.

In Maths, we’ve been adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator or a multiple of the same number. We found it a bit tricky when solving missing number problems and the perimeter of a shape using our fraction knowledge. It’s much easier when the denominator is the same!

In Inquiry this week, we learned about how a tornado is formed. Did you know that on average 1,000 tornadoes are reported around the world? In Science, we compared the rainfall of London to Manaus from a line graph and used it to complete a table. We then showed our understanding through answering questions about it.

The most exciting news this week is that three members of Dover earned their pen licence this week!

Our pupil of the week was me (Katie) because I got my pen licence, threw the ball in the hoop in PE and pushed myself in my writing. In Windsor, Isabella won pupil of the week for her great effort in spellings and times tables.


Week 5 - Written by Ava and Isabella, Windsor.

This week we have been learning about fractions in maths.  We have been adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators, and applying this to solve word problems. It’s been super-challenging.

In English, we have started learning a new class text which is a book report about Philip Pullman’s book ‘Clockwork: or, All Wound Up.’  We have been revising our writing skills like relative clauses and fronted adverbials.

In Inquiry, Windsor have been continuing learning about volcanoes and made volcano models out of clay.  We created chemical reactions to cause the volcanoes to erupt. It was really good fun!

In Science, we learned about thermal insulators.  We filled different cups with hot water and measured the temperature to see which dropped the most.

Our pupil of the week in Windsor was Ruby for her brilliant Maths and Science work.  In Dover, their pupil of the week was Leslie, who has been working very hard in class and meeting his success criteria every day. Well done, guys!

Message from Mr Wilson and Miss North: The cold weather has arrived, but outdoor PE will continue as usual.  Please make sure your child has suitable outdoor wear for these lessons- we had lots of chilly children in shorts and t-shirt this week, which isn’t ideal!

Unfortunately, a number of pupils in both Windsor and Dover had to miss out on some of their golden time this week due to a lack of reading at home. However, one fifteen minute read in school does not compensate for all the reading they're missing out on, and we'd like to remind parents/carers and pupils that the expectation is that children read at least four times a week, and all of these should be recorded with a detailed comment in their reading record.  If there are any questions or concerns about this, please book an appointment to meet with either myself or Miss North via the Office, and we can help you.

Week 4 - Written by Skye and Ryley, Dover

In English this week, we were planning and writing our new Superhero stories. We have tried to include relative clauses, fronted adverbials, modal verbs and adverbs, and inverted commas for speech. Some of us went for Gold where the villain was a natural disaster whereas Silver and Bronze created characters which came to life like stationary, books or electronics.

In Maths this week, have divided up to 4 digit numbers including remainders using the formal method. That was hard! We used the inverse to work out missing numbers for multiplication sentences. On Friday, we learned about measurement for distance, capacity and weight.

In Inquiry this week, we described an erupting volcano. We watched a video of Mount Kilauea erupting in Hawaii to inspire us. Did you know it was 18,000 feet tall?

In Science, we learned about electrical circuits. We had to write a letter about which material would be best to conduct electricity. We used a cell, wires, different metals and a light bulb.

We watched the Year 3 assembly on Friday and thought the sculptures inspired by Vincent Van Gogh were really cool.

The best thing about this week was creating our own coats of arms which showed what we are good at. It turns out we’re all good at different things.

Dover’s Pupil of the week was Kira M because she has shown fantastic skills in Netball and proved great understanding of writing relative clauses. Windsor’s Pupils of the week were Ava, Ella and Josh for their amazing writing in English.

Week 3 - Written by Jude and Ella, Windsor

We have had a great week in school!

This week, we have been writing our new superhero stories in English this week.  We practised using modal verbs, fronted adverbials, relative clauses and speech.  We enjoyed writing our stories because it was a chance for us to innovate The Avocado Avenger. We have also planned our brand new superhero stories which we’re looking forward to writing next week.

In Maths, we have been looking at division and using the bus stop method to divide big numbers.  We been enjoyed the challenge but some of the work is very hard!  We have been using doodles and multiplication grids to help us solve problems, and inversing divisions to check our answers.

During Science we have been learning more about materials. We have investigated chemical reactions and observed reversible and irreversible changes.  Our favourite was seeing what happened when you mixed bicarbonate of soda with vinegar!  Mixing milk and vinegar, however, was gross.

In Inquiry, we have begun learning about volcanoes and created artwork using tissue paper. It was really good fun and we like our pictures a lot.

This week has been anti-bullying week.  We have learned lots in assembly about what bullying is, and in class we had a great discussion about how bullying can make us feel and what to do if we know someone who is being bullied.

In Windsor, our pupil of the week was Ava for her creative and independent story writing.  In Dover, Fin was pupil of the week for persevering with his work.  Well done guys!

Message from Mr Wilson and Miss North:  For their homework, children are expected to be practising both their times table and multiplication targets, with the view to passing at least two times a term for each.  Please ensure your child is practising- little and often works best.  There are plenty of online resources that can help, and our particular favourite is: http://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button.

If you want to chat to us about ways to help your child practise at home, we’re happy to meet and discuss ideas- just pop into the Office and book and appointment.

Week 2 - Written by Dover Class

This week in English, we continued with our Superhero Story, ‘The Avocado Avenger’. Then we planned our own superhero stories and created a storyboard for it.  Our focus in SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) has been to develop our sentences by adding relative clauses using relative pronouns such as who, which, where, when, that and whose. We have been doing this to add more detail to our writing.

During Maths this week, we have continued using a formal method for multiplying up to four-digit numbers by a single or two-digit number. We found it tricky at first but eventually got the hang of it. On Friday, we looked at division and multiplying a number by 1, 10, 100 or 1000. To help us with this we used a place value grid.

In Inquiry this week, we have learned about how mountains are formed. Did you know that there are five different types of mountains? Using playdough we made models of mountains and some of presented our work and gave the definitions for each.

In Science, we have learned about reversible and irreversible changes. We observed and recorded an experiment with milk and vinegar where the milk curdled and another experiment with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar where it blew up a balloon with carbon dioxide!

Our favourite part in learning this week was Inquiry and Science because we got to make things and see experiments.

Dover’s Pupil of the week this week was Jude because he showed fantastic pivoting in netball this week. Windsor’s Pupils of the week was Gracie because she showed perseverance in Maths.

Week 1 - Written by Windsor Class

We've had a lovely first week back and we've been really excited to begin learning our new writing text 'The Avocado Avenger!'. We have been practising our speech punctuating skills and been using modal verbs and adverbs to write reports for the police about the horrendous 'Biscuit Bandit'.  Meanwhile, in Maths, we have begun learning to use column method to multiply by one and two digit numbers, and done some really tricky work which we've really enjoyed.

In outdoor PE, we have been working with Dover to learn different types of passes in netball, including chest pass, bounce pass and shoulder pass.  We're really looking forward to beating them in a game of netball later in the term. 

A note from Mr Wilson and Miss North: On Friday afternoon, the children designed Christmas cards which will be coming home on Monday.  If you want your child's card professionally printed as a Christmas Card ready for the festive season, you will need to complete the form and return it to the Office by next Friday, 11 November.

Children took home PE kits at the end of last term and many forgot to bring them back in this week - please make sure your child's (labelled) PE kit is in school everyday during term.  Don't forget to include joggers and a (non-hooded) sweatshirt top now the days are getting colder.


Term 1

Week 7 - Written by Dover Class

This week we wrote a range of poems including shape, kennings and cinquains. We learned about syllables, onomatopoeia and alliteration.

It was great fun because we got to make our own poems and for the kenning poems we had to guess what each other’s poems were about.

In Maths this week, we learned to calculate using column subtraction with 6 digit numbers. We learned that if we couldn’t subtract we could make an exchange and what to do if there’s a zero next door! To check our work we would do the inverse which was the opposite of subtraction which is addition.

During Inquiry, we learned about the features of a river. We learned new technical language including source, mouth, delta, confluence and tributary. At the end of the lesson children who completed the Gold challenge had made a quiz for the rest of the class to answer. If you got the answer right you earned a golden minute.

This week we had our Golden Ticket afternoon. Many of us played with board games, magnets and cards whilst others were getting crafty.

The best thing about this week was our last lacrosse session because we got to play one big match and had team talks which helped to improve our skill and use of space. It was incredibly awesome.

Erin from Dover earned pupils of the week due to her fantastic composition and performance of a shape poem. Lucas from Windsor earned pupil of the week due his efforts in lacrosse, he particularly impressed all with his cradling and teamwork.

Week 6 - Written by Ethan and Josh, Windsor

This has been such a great week!  In our Inquiry lesson we learned about the river system.  It’s been very interesting.  Did you know that when water travels fast, it becomes white and frothy and is called ‘rapids’? And did you know that Oxbow Lakes used to be a bend in the river?

In English, we learned how to write a recount.  We wrote about our school trip to The Guildhall last week to see Tony Bradman and Tom Morgan-Jones talk about their book.  In Maths, we finished learning about column addition and got to do some challenging inversing activities!  It was brilliant.

It was Windsor’s last swimming lesson today and we have loved going swimming.  We enjoyed getting to practise the front crawl and get better with our back stroke.

In Windsor, our pupil of the week was Ruby for her brilliant recount and always being on task.  In Dover, Skye was pupil of the week for being responsible and helping pupils and teachers.  Well done for working hard!


Week 5 - Written by Dover Class

This week in Maths, we have been learning about column addition and have been using doodles and pictures to help us with place value.  We have also been looking at the properties of two dimensional shapes and classifying them in to groups. In English, we've been creating our own warning stories and enriching our work by adding fronted adverbials and learning how to edit and improve our work.

On Thursday, we all enjoyed a fantastic trip into Bath for the Children’s Literature Festival. We helped celebrate Shakespeare’s 400th Anniversary with an interactive event with live drawing. We met Tony Bradman and Tom Morgan-Jones; author and illustrator of “Hoorah for Shakespeare!”. Tony actually drew a special drawing just for us!

Dover’s Pupil of the Week is Ryley A. He received his award for showing resilience with some tricky sentence work. In Windsor, Ryley W received his award also for showing reliance, this time with handwriting. Both boys are very proud of themselves!

Week 4 - Written by Windsor Class

This week in English we have been practicing different skills, like fronted adverbials and speech punctuation to use in our new warning stories, which we’ve planned and are looking forward to writing next week.  In Maths, we have finished our work on rounding and lots of us have become champion rounders of six-digit numbers.

In Science, we have been investigation thermal insulators to help design a lunchbox which will keep food cooler for longer.  Meanwhile, in Inquiry, we have been learning about The Water Cycle and produced some lovely posters and storybooks about this.

This week, our pupils of the week were Millie in Dover for creative and independent work, and Riley G in Windsor for his excellent written work and joining in lessons with lots of enthusiasm.

A note from Mr Wilson and Miss North:  Please remember it is our trip to the Bath Literature Festival next Thursday.  We are still waiting for replies from a number of children: please could these been returned as soon as possible.

Many thanks to all the children who put themselves forward to represent our classes on the school council.  There were lots of exciting speeches and we heard interesting debates that would put Mrs Clinton and Mr Trump to shame!  The names of the Year 5 reps will be published on next week's newsletter.


Week 3 - Written by Tadi and Jack, Windsor.

This week, we have been writing our own version of “Into the Forest” and there have been loads of interesting ideas.  In Windsor, one of us wrote a version with Mary Poppins in it, and another wrote about a bad toddler who steals a picnic basket!

In Maths, we have been working really hard to learn about rounding.  We have been rounding numbers to the nearest tens, hundreds and thousands, and some of us have been rounding even bigger numbers.  We also had our first times tables practice and loads of us passed!  Mr Wilson and Miss North were really pleased.

Inquiry was our favourite lesson this week because we got to do artwork.  We made layered pictures to show the landscapes of different biomes, like deserts, tundras and temperate grasslands!  They look really cool! Mrs Blackman and Mrs Hirons were both really impressed.

We were really luck this week to begin our special lacrosse lessons with (a different) Mr Wilson who came in especially.  We practiced scooping, passing and shooting.  It was fun and we cannot wait to do it next week.

This week,  Josh was our pupil of the week in Windsor because of his super writing and creativity.  In Dover, Grace is pupil of the week for being resilient and completing all her marking comments. Congratulations both of you!

Week 2 - Written by Dover Class.

In English we wrote direct speech between two characters from our story 'Into the Forest' (an adaptation of Anthony Browne’s story) and, to get ideas, we acted as the characters.

We also wrote a description of a forest. We included fronted adverbials, adjectives, adverbs and similes. We were able to do this as a result of visiting Abbots Wood which was very exciting because we got to look at lots of mossy trees, fallen leaves and squelchy mud. It was the best thing we did all week.

In Maths this week we looked at place value of 6 digit numbers. We learned how to read and write the number, partition it and how to represent them as doodles!

On Friday, we looked at triangles and their various angles. We measured angles using protractors and we were able to order them based on their size.

In Inquiry this week we looked at climates of different countries. Some of us even wrote diaries where we imagined what is would be like to visit that country. We included what we would see and need to take based on its climate.

In Science, we tested objects and their properties and discussed why they are made from that material. We tested for magnetism, hardness, flexibility and transparency. We were surprised to learn that foil isn’t magnetic!


We’re feeling excited about our homework as we get to read new books, practice important maths skills and learn new spellings.

Year 5 were also pleased for Grace receiving her pen licence this week. Well done, Grace!

Week 1 - Written by Katie and Lucy, Windsor.

We’ve had a really great first week back at school.  We’ve liked getting to know our new classes and teachers, and it’s exciting seeing all the new building work in school, as well as seeing our friends again!!

In class this week we have been doing lots of writing. We wrote a non-chron report about animals and wrote a recount of our summer holidays. In Maths we have been remembering what we learned in Year 4 and looking at some Year 5 work.  We have worked on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing.

On Thursday, it was our WOW Day.  Our Inquiry is called ‘Is Nature Dangerous?’. For our WOW Day, we looked at natural disasters and discussed how it might affect people’s lives.  In the afternoon, we had a storm warning and had to build our own shelters using scrap materials. Mrs Harris came to test our shelters by pouring water on them! It was a fun day and we really liked getting to work as a team.

In Windsor, our Pupil of the Week is Ethan.  He got his award for being responsible and respectful by working hard in class and joining in with lessons so well.  In Dover, Roman is Pupil of the Week for being responsible in class and for his creative work in English writing his non-chronological report.


A note from Mr Wilson and Miss North:  Please take a look at this week’s newsletters and Calendar of Events for details about events coming up in the new term.  In particular, please note that our Back to School night will be next Wednesday, 14 September from 6.00 pm and we’d really like to see as many parents/carers as possible!  If you’re not able to attend, speak to either of us and we can arrange for key information to come home for you.  Additionally, remember that Windsor Class will start swimming NEXT FRIDAY, 16 September.  Please make sure children come to school with all the essentials outlined on the letter, and blue asthma inhalers if they have them!

A number of children do not have PE kits in school.  Please ensure labelled PE kits are in school on Monday for the term so children are prepared for lessons.  We also don’t have many wellie boots outside- we will be taking the children for plenty of outdoor learning over the autumn term and having wellies will stop children ruining their school shoes!

We look forward to meeting lots of you next Wednesday!