Year 4






Week 5

We had a highly creative Monday, writing up and illustrating our myth stories to compile our Windsor Class Anthology. Don't forget to book your Parent/Carer Consultation appointment and let your child show you what we produced. On Tuesday we created a physical representation of the human digestive system, from incisors to colon, to cement our understanding of each organ's function.

In Maths we have begun looking at patterns in sequences, and continued our look at symmetry.  

In English we are analysing newspapers before writing our own report of an exciting event. Look out for the Windsor Gazette soon!

Don't forget that all children need a white top for PE please, as well as the rest of their kit, including trainers not daps.  If your child has asthma, their inhaler (plus an unopened spare to be kept at the Office) needs to be in school all the time.  

Week 4

This week we have drawn together all elements of our myth planning and begun to write our myths. Our heroines and heroes undertake various quests to either find or hide something precious, only to find themselves in mortal danger from a terrible beast! However will they defend themselves? Will they complete their quests? All the stories will make their way into our class book, so be sure to pop in and have a look for yourself when you have a minute at the end of a school day!

Maths found us looking in greater depth at place value, and what happens to a number if you replace one digit with a zero. We created numbers and represented them in different ways, including with coins and counters, and next week will be ordering numbers up to and beyond 1000. 

We are working our way along the digestive system; having started with the teeth we found out that food only takes six seconds to get into your stomach, before peristalsis takes it into the ileum (small intestine). 

Week 3

Well, what a busy week this has been! We began by working on number bonds to 100, and how we can count on in ones to get to the next ten, before finding the bond to make 100. We finished the week by working out that subtracting to get to the previous hundred is actually easier than we had thought. We have decided on the different parts of our Inquiry, and ranked them according to their importance to us. These ideas have been shared out among our small groups and next week we'll begin researching, before planning our own presentations to the rest of the class! The areas are shown below and, if you can help with any, please let Ms Hobbs or Mrs Arnold know!

Weapons and tools


Food  and hunting


Stone Age Homes

Bronze Age Homes




Tuesday was 'Teethday' in Windsor Class, as we investigated the different functions of the different teeth in our mouths, and made models out of clay to illustrate them. 

Our writing for the next few weeks is based around Myths and Legends, and we will be writing our own! We have already developed our heroine/hero characters and our mythical beasts; next week we will look at the journey our hero takes and how they encounter and defeat the beast! The children are now familiar with several myths from around the world and throughout history, so we are very excited to see what elements make their way into their own stories.

Week 2

Our WOW Day on Wednesday was great fun. We were challenged to put on a puppet show of Cave Baby as part of our Ancient Britons and Early People Inquiry.

We got into groups and sketched out a background for our scenery before wash painting it and adding detail with pen and pencil. Ms Hobbs took loads of photos, and some of us got a bit messy!

After lunch we made puppets out of envelopes and even made a leather costume for Cave Baby.

In the end we completed our challenge and performed to Edinburgh and Pembroke classes, who made a fantastic audience. Our WOW Day was spectacular!

Week 1

We have had great fun this week getting to know each other and our teachers, Ms Hobbs and Mrs Arnold. We found out that PE is on Wednesdays and Fridays so we will need our kits in school for then. We also told each other truths and lies and learnt our first few words of Spanish. 

Our homework goes out every Friday and is due in on Wednesdays. We will get our new Reading Records next week too.