Year 3



Dear Parents/Carers

Arundel will be having PE on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, but children do need to have full PE kit in school every day - including trainers (not daps) please.

Please can you encourage your child to:

  • Come into school every day ready to learn.
  • If possible read every day to an adult and record this in reading diaries.
  • Learn and rehearse times tables (particularly 3, 4 and 8).
  • Encourage children to visit educational sites if they are using a computer.

Homework will be sent home on a Friday and needs to be returned into school the following Wednesday.  Do please offer help and support to your child with this and if you have any questions, please either stay behind to see me at the end of a school day or ask the Office to make an appointment for you to see me. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Miss Dean

Arundel's Blog


Week 6

We made it! Another week done and dusted and Arundel have been super busy. We have continued to work on our new story ‘Stone Age Boy’ creating our own story maps to retell the story independently. We presented these to each other and are feeling confident sharing our work and ideas in front of each other. We have been working on column subtraction within our maths lessons, allowing ourselves to work on our reasoning and problem solving skills.

We have had another successful week in our Cracking Tables. A big congratulations to the following students, who have moved up a level in their multiplication tables: Alfie, Shannon, Ashton, Brooke H, Isaac, Adam and Rares. Well done to you all! Keep practicing at home to try and move up to that next level!

Within science we have started looking at healthy eating. We discussed different diets and the effect different types of food can have on the human body. We shared our knowledge of herbivores, omnivores and carnivores.

 This week in inquiry we have focussed on Stone Age Diet. We looked at the different animals that were hunted during the Stone Age, sorting these between animals hunted during the Palaeolithic period and later the Mesolithic period. Ask us if we can remember any! We then applied this knowledge to create a ‘Stone Age Stew.’

This week we completed our School Parliament elections. We were very lucky in Arundel class that a huge proportion of the class were keen to put themselves forward for the job. Almost the whole class put themselves in the running as candidates for election. They spent time during the week writing speeches persuading classmates (including Miss Dean and Mrs Adams) to vote for them, giving interesting and creative reasons for why they would make the best representatives for the class. After an official vote at the ‘Arundel Polling Station’ the results were cast and we would like to congratulate our three new school parliament representatives for this year: Anton, Aaliyah and George. A very well done to each of you and we welcome you to school parliament. Plus a huge congratulations to each student that participated in the speeches, each and every one of you showed bravery, individuality and imagination. Well done to all on a successful vote.

Another congratulations goes to our ‘Pupil of the Week’ this week. Well done to George who was awarded the prize this week following his creative and compelling speech persuading his classmates to vote for him. A really well thought out and interesting speech. Well done George!


Note to Parents/Carers:

Homework has been given out today (Friday 13th October) and is to be returned next Wednesday ,18th October 2017 (please offer help and support to your child with this, especially reading the instructions carefully.  Thank you for your support.  Miss Dean.

Week 5

It’s that time again! Yet another week has passed and Arundel have been busy. We have finished our study of instructional texts and have moved on to looking at a new piece of fictional text, ‘Stone Age Boy.’ We initially made predictions, just by looking at the outside cover of the book, about what we thought would happen in the book. Some of our predictions were very close! We read the book today for the first time and are going to be creating a class story map to follow the experience of our main character. In maths we have continued to consolidate our addition. We even worked on a maths investigation where we could put our column addition to the test to solve a problem!

We have had another successful week in our Cracking Tables. Big congratulations to those children who have moved up a level in their multiplication tables. Well done to you all! Keep practising at home to try and move up to that next level!

In science we began to focus on the digestive system. We started looking at the mouth, in particular the teeth. We looked at the different types of human teeth and tried to identify these within our mouth and on a picture diagram. We will continue to look at this in our science lessons.

In PE we have begun to focus on our throwing and catching skills. We have initially practised our overhead and chest pass throw techniques. We discussed which sports we have seen these types of throws in and the best techniques to become more accurate in our throwing.

In Inquiry we have completed our focus on Stone Age dwellings. We focussed on the differences in houses within the Stone Age period. We understand that early Stone Age houses (Mesolithic) belonging to Hunter-Gatherers were different to those of the latter Stone Age (Neolithic) farmers. We even compared these types of houses to our own houses and realised the drastic differences between now and then! 

It was Harvest Assembly today and we were lucky enough to have a guest speaker. A big thank you to all who donated items for the Harvest Festival, each and every donation is much appreciated and we were told by our visitor just how much difference these donations would make to a local family. We are thrilled to have been able to support our local community in this way.


Note to Parents/Carers:

Homework has been given out today (Friday 6th October 2017) and is to be returned next Wednesday, 11th October 2017.  (Please offer help and support to your child with this).

Homework includes the spelling challenges, 'Definition Detectives' and reading four times a week to be recorded in the yellow Reading Record books.

Thank you for your support.


Week 4 

Another week has passed and Arundel are continuing to work hard within the classroom. We have continued to focus our literacy work around instructions; writing our own versions of instructions for how to catch various magical and mysterious creatures ranging from ‘Giant Hotdogs’ and ‘Three-Headed Monsters’ to ‘Demon Kittens!’ Ask us if we can recite our instructions at home! We have also deepened our understanding of column addition within numeracy. We have been adding 3-digit numbers with increasing confidence and have looked at carrying the tens.

We have had a successful week in our Cracking Tables. A big congratulations to the following students, who have moved up a level in their multiplication tables: JJ, Alfie, Aaliyah, Shannon, Brooke H, Maddie, Adam, Hermione, Anton, Mercy, Jack and Lily. Well done to you all!

In science we finished planning our investigation revolving around the effect that exercise has on the human heart and pulse rate. This week we were able to complete the practical experiment and enjoyed being able to document the results.

In inquiry we began to look at a British History timeline. We were able to identify different events in British History and place them onto our very own timeline. We could then explain that the Stone Age was at the start of our timeline and part of Pre-history (before written sources).

A big congratulations to India who won ‘Pupil of the Week’ this week for being extremely resilient within her lessons. Well done to India, a super mind-set for learning!

 Note to Parents/Carers: 

Following recent confusion over homework submission as a Key Stage we have met and agreed upon a uniform submission deadline and expectations for homework.

From this week onwards homework will be given out on a Friday and is to be returned on the following Wednesday. This includes spelling challenges, reading four times a week - recorded in yellow reading record books - and a ‘definition detectives’ activity.

Thank you for your continued support,

Miss Dean

Week 3

We have been continuing to work hard this week in Arundel Class. We have begun to focus our numeracy on addition and subtraction. We have started to re-visit two digit column addition in preparation for our work on three digit column addition. Our work on place value from last week has been helping us with this. In literacy we have continued to focus on instructional texts. After rehearsing our text ‘How to Trap a Stone Giant’ in groups we performed our rendition to each other; we impressed ourselves with dramatic actions and super adjectives! We have started to create our own set of instructions for ‘How to Trap a Polar-Bear-Unicorn!’

In science we have begun to plan our own investigation revolving around the effect that exercise has on the human heart and pulse rate and have made our own predictions. We are looking forward to completing the experiment we have planned next week.

On Thursday afternoon we continued to work on our model stone age houses. We used different materials to create a range of different dwellings which we hope would make the perfect home for any stone age person!

Congratulations to Alfie who won ‘Pupil of the Week’ week for being an excellent, independent learner within our numeracy lessons; each lesson Alfie has pushed himself to deepen his understanding and application of addition. Well done, Alfie!

Another week comes to an end and another well done to every member of Arundel Class; you have all worked incredibly hard this week. We were also awarded a trophy to celebrate our fantastic attendance, so congratulations one and all, and keep up the good work! Miss Dean.

Note to Parents/Carers: 

Homework has been given out today (Friday 22nd September 2017) and is to be returned  next Wednesday, 27th September 2017.  Please offer help and support to your child with this. Homework includes the spelling challenges and reading four times a week recorded in the yellow Reading Record books.

Week 2

Arundel have had yet another jam-packed week at school. We have continued our work in numeracy looking at number and place value and have focussed particularly on ordering and comparing numbers up to 1000. We have even been practicing spelling these numbers in words. In literacy we have finished our initial work on recount writing and have been introduced to instructional texts. Our focus now is on the instructional text ‘How To Trap a Stone Giant’ and orally learning this from memory. Ask us if we can remember any of it!

On Thursday we celebrated our WOW Day where we found out our new inquiry topic… Early Britain (Stone Age through to the Iron Age). We had a busy morning being archaeologists. We took part in our very own tray dig excavation and found pieces of a Stone Age artefact, which we had to put together, like a jigsaw puzzle. We then discussed Stone Age communication and had a go at trying to communicate with each other only using grunts and actions – we had quite a giggle! Then we were sorted into tribes to take part in a hunter-gatherer treasure hunt with Dover class. In the afternoon we looked at Stone Age dwellings and began to build our own with card, tissue paper, art straws and other resources we could lay our hands on! We had a fantastic day and have already learnt a lot about our inquiry topic from just one day…

A big congratulations to JJ who won ‘Pupil of the Week’ this week for his consistent hard work, politeness, kindness, good manners and respect to everyone within the school, not just limited to Arundel Class. Well Done JJ! 

We are two weeks in and still smiling! We have worked extremely hard this week in Arundel Class and I hope that this will continue throughout the year. I enjoyed celebrating WOW Day with you this week and hope that the day inspired you to research and look into the Stone Age in your own time too! Well Done Arundel, another fantastic week. Miss Dean.

Note to Parents/Carers:

It was lovely to meet some of our parents at ‘Back to School Night’ on Wednesday and keep you updated with our studies within the classroom. If you were unable to make the event please be aware that a copy of the hand-out, including dates and other Arundel information, is available from the Office if you would like one.

Homework has been given out today (Friday 15th September 2017) and is to be returned on the following Wednesday 20th September 2017 (Please offer help and support to your child with this).

Week 1

This week has been a busy one for Arundel. We are settling into our new classroom and getting used to all the new changes in the school.

We got to work straightaway! Our new teacher, Miss Dean, has been teaching us how to write a recount and we have been retelling a tale about a parachuting adventure. We have been exploring using time connectives in our writing and improving our writing using powerful adjectives.

We have also been looking at place value in numeracy. We can now identify the value of digits within a three-digit number. We have used Base 10 equipment to help us.

As part of our exploration into different cultures, we have begun to discuss 'British Values'. We focussed upon the value of ‘Respect’ and how we can act respectfully both in school and in the wider community. We have created a beautiful ‘Respect Garden.’ We each wrote what respect means to us on a flower design and decorated the flower with a drawing; we then used our craft skills to create a stalk and leaves for the flowers. Our flowers each show us how respect grows within society and what we can do to promote this.

A big congratulations to Brooke who won ‘Pupil of the Week’ for her fantastic resilience within numeracy lessons.

What a brilliant start to the term, Arundel! I am really impressed with how hard you have been working and how you have embraced each challenge that has come your way. Well done and keep up the good work! Miss Dean