Year 2 

Monmouth and Blaise



A note from Mrs Clarkson and Miss Silman ....

We hope you all had a good break and it was lovely to see you all on Monday morning. It only seems like two minutes since the children started in Year 2 but they are now on their way to Year 3.  This term we are talking about moving to Year 3 and the expectations in Key Stage 2 so that there are no surprises. 

One of the differences in KS2 is that children will miss Golden Time if their homework is not completed on time. We do not want children to miss their Golden Time!  We would like them to get into good habits before they get to KS2.  At the moment, many children in Blaise and Monmouth do not do their homework and, after consultation with Mrs Harris, we will be helping the children to practice this in preparation for Year 3.  

Can homework come in on a Thursday morning please so that we can mark it and get it back to the children on a Friday.  By the end of the year, we are sure that this will ensure children are ready to leave Key Stage 1.  If you have any questions, queries or concerns do please ask us.  


Term 6

Week 6

Thank you for all your support yesterday at our Enterprise Week Sale.   The children loved making the items and it was lovely to see you all at school.   The children in Monmouth have decided that they would like to send some money to Bath Cats and Dogs Home and spend the rest on a party! Blaise are still mulling it over and will make a decision on Monday!

This week we have been concentrating on consolidation of our learning in Year 2 as well as making items for sale.

The children are looking forward to breaking up and we would ask if you could get our reading books back to us as soon as possible please. There is a Summer Reading Challenge being organised at Keynsham Library and books are available to loan from the library for the children over the break. 

Have a great weekend!

Week 5

This week we have been learning about different stories of creation and learning an African folk tale of 'The Fire Children.' In maths we have been revising multiplication and division methods and Blaise class have been practising their skills with lots of games of 'around the world.' Our plants are growing nicely, especially the runner beans which are taking over the classroom!

You are warmly welcomed to attend our Celebration Evening on Wednesday 12 July and have a look through all the children's work - they have worked extremely hard this year! Don't miss our fantastic art gallery too. 

We will be busy preparing for our Enterprise Week sale next week to take place on Thursday 13 July in Blaise and Monmouth classrooms -please support our sale if you are able to. Come and see all the wonderful things the children have made!  We will be selling items which can be given as presents so it's a great place to start Christmas shopping! 

Week 4 

We have had another very busy week, the children have written some fantastic non chronological reports on giraffes and pelicans, reading and researching to find out interesting facts. We have also made some fantastic paper plate animals from the Story of The Giraffe, the Pelly and Me. The pelicans had amazing huge beaks and the giraffes turned out very spotty! They looked fabulous. In maths we have revised using the inverse to work out missing number calculations.

Our plants have been germinating well, including some bean plants which have nearly taken over Blaise Class! We have set up an experiment to test the best conditions for growing plants and the children are taking turns at being watering monitors. 

Next week we are starting to learn songs that we will be performing with other local schools in a music festival on 10th July. Please tell the Office if you are able to help us with this event, we would be grateful for your help. 

Week 3

This week we have been reading and performing poems as part of our Poetry Week. We have looked at rhyme and what we think makes a good poem. Blaise and Monmouth performed in our school poetry recital and were absolutely fantastic- we could hear every word! Monmouth performed the ‘Spangled Pandemonium’ and ‘Dinosaur’ with actions. Blaise performed ‘No word of a lie’ coming up with amazing exaggerated statements. Well done everyone!

Please make sure the children practise their reading as much as possible, aiming for at least four times per week. Spellings are in homework books and need to be practised too please.

On the 10th July morning, we are taking part in a singing event at St. Keyna Primary school. The event has run in previous years and is a wonderful opportunity. We would be grateful for parents/carers to help us on the event, please let the Office know if you would like to help. 

Week 2 

This week we have been learning and writing the story of the enormous crocodile by Roald Dhal. The children have written some absolutely incredible stories so well done for their effort. In maths the children have been revising different ways to add. In science we have been learning about the parts of a plant and what they do. Blaise class have also begun planting some bean and sunflower seeds this week and are eagerly awaiting their germination!

Please remember to have a water bottle and p.e. kit in school as we hope to do more outdoor learning in the good weather.

Week 1

We had a lovely week this week with the children taking part in a WOW Day on Thursday and producing lots of art work.  The children have been very well behaved and enthusiastic. We are looking at art and artists this term.  Today we have been writing riddles which they loved!

Please can you make sure that the children have their PE kit in school every day.  PE is on a Monday and Tuesday/Thursday but we shall be going out as much as possible if and when the weather allows us.




Term 5


Week 5

What a fun week it has been! Blaise and Monmouth have really enjoyed taking part in the sports activities this week. We have played wheelchair basketball, the children enjoyed learning how to go forwards and backwards, turn around and pick up a ball in a wheelchair.  We attempted a climbing wall on Tuesday, all the children rose to the occasion (no pun intended!) and we were very impressed by their resilience and determination. 

We have also taken part in circus skills, hockey and archery sessions which have been lots of fun!

Have a wonderful week's holiday, fingers crossed the gorgeous weather stays!

Thank you everyone for working so hard this week - we have learnt lots! In English we have written our own Just So story of 'How the elephant got its nose' we have come up with some amazing, adventurous vocabulary, questions and exclamations. We will be writing our own 'just so' style story next week so have a think about what you could write!

Week 4

In maths we have been practising all of our skills to solve various word problems. Next week we are revising time so do get your clocks and watches out again!

It has been wonderful to see the children's enthusiasm for reading develop over the year. Many children in Blaise class have been sharing their favourite books, fiction and non fiction which has been an absolute pleasure to see!

We are looking forward to our activity week- there is an activity going on each day and this should be really exciting! On this note, please can I ask you to check that your child's PE kit still fits, including daps and trainers as the children are all growing really quickly at the moment!

Have a lovely weekend!


Week 3


Another busy week! Thank you year 2 for working so hard. We have also been enjoying the sunny weather and been learning how to play rounders in p.e. out on the field.


In English, inspired by the firemen, we have been writing instructions about how to keep safe if you see a fire. Later in the week we also wrote instructions for how to trap a giant! Poor giants- the children came up with some rather elaborate methods to stop them!


In maths we have been doing some revision work on all the topics we have studied this year. We have been looking at word questions and thinking about how we know what operation to use.


Thank you all for your efforts with reading - please keep it up, it really makes a difference.

Week 2 

Blaise and Monmouth have had a very exciting week! We were really lucky today as we had some surprise visitors. Some children thought it was going to be aliens as Mrs Harris said she heard a rather loud noise coming from outside! It was actually the local firemen who came to talk to us and showed us their amazing fire engine. We learned exactly what to do if we found a fire and why firemen need all the equipment that they have with them. We looked at ourselves through a heat sensor too!

We are very grateful to the firemen; they were absolutely brilliant showing us all around the engine, and letting us climb up inside. We also had a go with the hose, spraying the pop up cones! This was great and everyone got a just little bit wet!

We would just like to say how proud we are of the children this week; they have been working really hard. Keep it up everybody! Please complete the comprehension for homework and practice reading as much as you can. Have a lovely weekend!


Week 1

We have had a very busy return to school this week! Both classes went on an educational visit to Warleigh Lodge Farm.  We were very lucky with the weather and we had a wonderful time feeding cows sugar beet,  lambs milk, and making a cosy bed for the pigs! The children were a delight to take, their behaviour was excellent and their enthusiasm contagious. Farmers Rose and Julian commented on how well behaved they were and what thoughtful questions they asked.  Thank you to those parents who managed to come with us. We couldn’t do it without you!

A couple of parents have phoned asking about SATS testing. In Year 2 the assessments made are based on teacher assessment. So, whilst we have to take part in carrying out  SATS activities, it is very low key and the children enjoy it because they are working in a booklet.  They will particularly enjoy the task because the booklet will be in colour rather than the practice ones we have been using in black and white! 

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend! 


Term 4 

Week 6

It was lovely to see so many of you at the assembly this morning, thank you for coming to support us; we do appreciate it!  
The children have been busy this week with shape and are getting to grips with edges, vertices and faces in 3D shapes.
We are also practising our handwriting. We need the children to make sure that the letters are the appropriate size, eg if writing 'full' we don't want the u and the l to be the same height. The homework we have sent home is to remind them and give them a chance to practise!
In literacy we are still thinking about dragons and have produced a dragon passport and instructions as to how to catch their dragon should it escape! We had some very exciting ideas.
Next week we finish for our holidays.  We do recognise that the children need a rest, but we would be really grateful if you could keep up with the reading practice. We want them to read for pleasure and reading  does not always have to be a great challenge, but we don't want them to slip a little in the holidays because they haven't practised, and then struggle when they come back. Five to 10 minutes a day would be lovely.
We hope you have a good weekend and that the sun keeps shining.

Week 5 

Thank you to everyone who has been able to complete a burning house for our Inquiry - they look absolutely superb! We have loved everyone’s enthusiasm for this theme.

This week in Literacy we have been ‘dragonologists’ and made a dragonolgist hat. We wrote a set of instructions for how to make the amazing hat. We have also invented our own dragons and written non chronological reports about them. Blaise Class have had the dragon of dreams, a sun dragon and a football dragon who breathes out many many footballs per minute.

In Maths we have practised time, revising to the nearest 15 minutes. We will be moving on to shape next week. Please keep an eye out for 3D shapes you find around the house or outside- see if you can name them!

We would like to invite you to Year 2’s class assembly on Friday 31st March to celebrate all the work we have done this term! There will be a chance to pop back into classrooms afterwards to see our displays too- hope you can make it!

Week 4 

Another busy week for Monmouth and Blaise! 

The children have worked hard to produce some excellent and very dramatic newspaper reports on the Great Fire of London this week! We watched a historical dramatisation of the event and imagined what it would be like to be there. 

In maths we have been practising our multiplication and division skills and applying our knowledge to solve problems. We are going to be practising estimating next week and revising time, so we would be grateful if you could get your clocks out again! 

Thank you all who were able to attend parents' evening. If you were unable to attend, please drop in and see us - make an appointment via the Office- we'd like to show you all the work your child has been doing. 

Week 3

We have had another busy week in Year 2 but it has been lovely to be able to see the first signs of spring! Monmouth have been on a bug hunt around the school grounds this week and found a surprising amount of creatures. We will be learning lots more about animals and habitats in the coming weeks. 

We have been town planners this week in literacy and have written a full report of suggestions for how to improve the houses and streets of London to stop a Great Fire from ever happening again! Good suggestions included having a bucket of water on each street corner and a person responsible for checking it was full every hour!

In maths we have been problem solving to find missing numbers- the children have been using the part part whole and the inverse to find the solutions. We will be revising multiplication and division next week so please keep practising your skills at home!

Week 2 

We hope you have enjoyed this week! We had a lovely day on Thursday for World Book Day; it was great to share our favourite books and to see all your different costumes- lots of imagination and creativity went into them so thank you.  Blaise and Monmouth were authors and illustrators on Thursday and have written a class book to go in the school library. Blaise have written an alternative version of 'The Day the Crayons Quit', where the rulers and glue sticks and paperclips write funny complaint letters. Monmouth have been doing some writing all about 'The Queen’s Knickers'!

In maths this week we have been working with money and finding different ways to make amounts. We are particularly focusing now on learning mathematical language to answer word questions, and drawing the problem in pictures to help us know which operation to use.

We have an amazing amount of frogspawn in our school pond this year- the children have really enjoyed watching them grow and splash around at break times and lunchtimes. 

In homework books this week is a poem to learn. Please help your child to practise this as we will be performing it orally in school.

Next Friday, 10 March is an INSET (staff training day) so we will send homework books back on Monday 6 March but please continue to practise reading over the weekend!

Week 1

Welcome to Term 4.  We hope you had a good break.  It's great to see the lighter evenings! 

This term we are learning about the Great Fire of London and next week we shall be finding out about Samuel Pepys.  The children are very interested and there are various websites available for them to use, including the BBC, if they want to find out a little bit about him for themselves.

Monmouth’s PE days are Monday and Tuesday and Blaise have PE on Tuesday and Thursday. Please can you make sure that the children have their PE kit on those days – they all love PE!

Many of you will know that it is policy in Key Stage 2 (Years 3 to 6) for the children to miss part of 'Golden Time' if they don’t complete their homework. We are trying to encourage the children to do their homework in preparation for KS2 and would welcome your support in this.

We are celebrating World Book Day on Thursday and the children can dress up for the day. They can come as any book character and if they could bring a book they enjoy that would be lovely.  We look forward to having a fun day. We know that some children are not into dressing up and that is fine - it is not compulsory - but we look forward to talking about our favourite books and characters!





Week 6 

In Year 2 we have been developing our engineering theme further this week - we have made a mini road in a box for the vehicles to travel on. Ask your children what we did, and we hope they don’t start digging up your garden and re-arranging your gravel!

Our vehicles are finished and will be on their way home soon – they are very proud of them and have had great fun and taken great care making them.

We have been looking at graphs this week in Maths, as well as making different amounts with money. If you get chance to play ‘shop’ that would be lovely. The children need practise using their maths in real life/play situations so any help you can give would be fantastic for them.   In Literacy we have been writing instructions using ‘bossy’ verbs.

The children have worked really hard this term and when they come back will be nearer Year 3 than Year 1 – how time flies!  We hope you have a lovely holiday and that the children have a good rest.

Spring is on its way!

Week 5 

This week we have been learning about time. It would be really helpful if you could practise time with your children particularly o’clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to.  At the moment we are designing and making vehicles and investigating different types of axles; we have a stretch limo, a princess carriage, various high end and very fast cars on the production line at the moment, which is very exciting. We have many would be engineers in Year 2.

We have had great excitement in  Monmouth Class as we now have three acorns that have germinated and are now turning into teeny tiny oak trees. We have not decided where they are going to go yet and we are nursing them in the classroom!

Many thanks to all those parents who are able to join us on a Friday morning to share books. We recognise that many parents work and cannot make it and would like to thank those who can come who come and also welcome the children in the class to join them.  THANK YOU!

Reading is enormously important especially going into Key Stage 2 where the focus is practising the skills gained in Key Stage 1. The skills need to be practised and, if you could hear your child read for just five minutes a day, that would be fantastic. Many children are just getting to grips with reading and are really enjoying their new found skill – wonderful!

Week 4

Another productive week! We hope all of you who had colds and bugs are feeling much better. Please take extra care to wash hands thoroughly as there are a few different 'bugs' around at the moment.

The children have been amazing authors this week as Blaise and Monmouth Classes have planned, written and illustrated their very own Katie Morag stories. These were excellent and are now on display in Year 2. We will be reading them out to each other! If you would like to write any stories at home or make up your own characters with them, please feel free to bring these in and share.

In Maths next week we will be learning to tell the time to the nearest 15 minutes, making sure we know the positions of o clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. Please practise telling the time on your clocks at home.

After careful observation, we have decided to leave the potatoes in our science experiment for a little longer as, apart from a tiny amount of sprouting and mould, not much had happened to them after one week. Monmouth has put one of their potatoes inside a dark box to observe what happens then!


Week 3 

Another busy week for Year 2! 

In English this week, we have been learning about techniques that good authors use and have written the story 'Katie Morag delivers the mail' in their own words. The children have started using pink polishing pens with much enthusiasm to write capital letters and punctuation in their work as they think carefully about each sentence. 

We have continued to learn about fractions in maths and particularly how to find fractions of number, remembering how to divide accurately. We will be using the inverse to find missing numbers next week and revisit fractions again later in the year. 

In Blaise and Monmouth classrooms you will currently find our scientific potato and surfaces experiment as we are learning about germs and how to keep ourselves healthy. We will observe what has happened to the potato pieces next week...

Week 2

Thank you to everyone who was able to help us with our wander on Wednesday. We had a lovely time! The children saw lots of exciting things, including a crocodile in the park pond! (Of the wooden variety!). We investigated the area around the old Chew cottages which were built in 1638. A marker on one cottage showed us where flood water reached years ago - it was far above our heads!

We have been working hard learning to read the fractions 1/2, 1/3  and 3/4 and read fractions of shaded shapes. Next week we will be working on finding fractions of sets of objects and numbers.

In English we have been enjoying the Katie Morag Stories and we have been writing detailed descriptions of the main characters. We have been practising using exclamatory phrases and sentences that start with ‘how’ or ‘when’; for example, "What an exciting day!"

Week 1

We’re a week in to the new term now, and hopefully it’s not too late to wish you all a Happy New Year! We’ve lots to look forward to in the Spring term. Firstly, we’d like to welcome Mrs Roper to the team. Mrs Roper is now teaching Computing in Monmouth on a Friday afternoon.

PE this term for Blaise class will now be on a Tuesday and Thursday and Monmouth class will have their PE sessions on Monday and Tuesday. Please could you ensure your child has a PE kit in school and check that everything still fits (especially shoes) as many children have a growth spurt during/after the holidays!

We look forward to taking an educational wander around Keynsham on Wednesday, weather permitting, to observe our local area and compare how it has changed by looking at old photographs!

During Term 3, you are still invited to come and read with your child on a Friday morning between 8.40 and 8.55 am if you are able to. We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to hear your child read regularly and we thank you for your support with this!







Week 6

What a wonderful week we have had. The children have performed brilliantly in their Christmas Production  and we are very proud of them! We have been looking at division in maths and writing descriptively about the cold weather and snow. The children pretended to be doctors and prescribed a healthy lifestyle for myself and Miss Silman – they were very exacting and it seems I will be doing quite a bit more swimming than I normally do, and some of it in the sea!  Monmouth want to learn the words to 'The Snowman' so we shall have a go next week. Excitement is on the rise and  there is no better place to be than Key Stage 1 at Christmas - it is magical!

Week 5

Another fun packed week for Year 2! This week we have been writing a non-chronological report about Isambard Kingdom Brunel and learning about all the amazing structures he designed. The children were impressed that he walked all the way from Bristol to London to find out the obstacles that would be in the way of the railway line! Did you know that many people were afraid of the steam trains when they first made?  

We have been practising multiplication in Maths and the children have been multiplying by finding ‘groups of’ and using repeated addition along a blank numberline.

In our Inquiry, 'How do we celebrate?’, we have been looking at the traditions of Chinese New Year. We learned the legend of how the years are named after animals and how Chinese people prepare for the New Year by cleaning their houses from top to bottom, decorating with red lanterns and getting their hair cut! We also watched a dragon and lion dance and made our own dragon dance around the classrooms, moving in time to the music!

Rehearsals for our Christmas production are now in full swing and we look forward to showing you our hard work next week!  We hope you can join us.

Week 4

Another week has flown past and we have been subtracting this week in Maths, and looking at writing statements in non fiction work in Literacy and writing reports on penguins! The children have been absolutely fascinated by penguins, and the fact that they are birds and grow to be about as tall as they are!

The children have made progress in their reading and we are now looking at their understanding of the words.   Children are now able to understand the literal questions, for example "What was the colour of her coat?".  However we are now looking at the inferential questions, eg "Why is she wearing a very thick coat?". Any practise at home is always helpful for your child.

We have been sorting out costumes for the play and we will get in touch individually if we need to ask you to bring anything from home. We could do with some silver tinsel for the halos if anyone has got any spare please so that we know how much we have to purchase.

Not all children have PE kit and we only have a limited amount in school so please can you ensure that the children have kit for PE.

Week 3

We have had a busy week writing stories and learning about apostrophes!  This week the children have started to think about measuring length and height. We have to know about centimetres and metres. They could well want to be measuring at home!

In History we have been thinking about the past and how we find out about it, and in Science Blaise have been thinking about healthy food choices.

It was lovely to see the children's great anticipation about the Film Night and, together with Silly Socks, Friday was particularly exciting!

We have started practising our songs for the Christmas production and all the children now have a role. We are not going to be carrying out seasonal activities until nearer the end of term because  Christmas is too far away at the moment, but the staff are really looking forward to celebrating in Year 2! There is nothing quite like Christmas in KS1!

We hope you have a good weekend and that it is not too wild and windy. Mrs Clarkson had snow on her car this morning which was a bit of a shock!

Week 2

We have been really busy learning about multiplication and division and have been carrying out lots of problem solving. 

In the next few weeks we shall be thinking about Hannukah and the Chinese New Year celebrations ,as well as preparing for Christmas - but we aren't mentioning that yet, it is a long way to go!

We are thinking about different types of food in Science, and in History we have been looking at artefacts from 100 years ago.

This term we are lucky enough to have a rhythmic gymnastics coach who is working with Monmouth Class (Blaise had netball last term) and the children are really enjoying the sessions.

Week 1 

The children have had a great start to the term and this week we have been learning about multiplication and division in maths. In Literacy we have been making up our firework poems and the children have been very excited about Bonfire Night!  We told them the story of Guy Fawkes early in the week and most of the children were really surprised to find out that it was a true story!

Our theme this term is 'Celebrations' and our WOW Day went well with the children making healthy snacks, as well as decorating and making cakes. We made firework pictures with pastels, party music and party games.

We will be investigating how people celebrate different festivals and the customs attached to them.

Thank you for all your support! 




Week 7

In English this week we have writing instructions for travel using a world map. We have been comparing Bristol and Cairns in Australia and learned some interesting facts about the two areas. The children have enjoyed their well-deserved Golden Ticket afternoon on Thursday and are now ready for a break.

The children have settled really well in to Year 2 and thank you for all your support this term. We hope you have a relaxing school holiday!

Week 6 

Another busy week for Blaise and Monmouth!

In English this week we have been writing letters as if we were pirates, describing the action happening on pirate boats. We have also been finding out about the pirate Blackbeard who was from Bristol. Apparently he used to set his hair on fire to scare people but the children didn’t think that this was a particularly good idea!  He also had 14 wives which the children thought was hilarious! We have been bringing together all the skills we have learnt so far this term in our writing.  

In Maths we have been learning about money and the value of coins. We have been adding to make particular amounts. If you can practise ‘buying’ things at home using the right coins/change this would be amazing as many of the children are finding this difficult.

In Inquiry this week we have been painting the playground from a bird’s eye view using dot patterns inspired by aboriginal art.

Thank you for your support with reading, lots and lots of children are moving round the rocket chart!

Week 5

We have had another  busy week in Year 2 getting to grips with adjectives and adverbs in literacy and carrying on with tens and units in Maths. We have been thinking of how we can welcome new people to our community and a more thoughtful group of children you would go a long way to find; they had wonderful ideas. Monmouth have planted acorns and, with much excitement, are hoping for teeny tiny oak trees in the spring!

We have  had a wonderful time following map instructions to sail around the globe in order to find some treasure. We took in all of the oceans and continents and have landed in Australia.

As teachers we are privilege to the thoughts of young children about the things they are learning, and sometimes these are very special. This week's lovely comment came out of our geography lesson - 'The equator - that is the  bit that glues the top and bottom together'.

Next week we are learning about money - the children always enjoy this and the more practice they get handling and using money the better so if you could spend a few minutes counting money or playing 'shop' with the children with small amounts of money that would be lovely.

Week 4 

It has been another busy week in Year 2! The children have been practising their literacy skills and writing postcards as if they were pirates, using commas in lists thinking about the things that they would want to take with them on a pirate boat, and using amazing adjectives to bring their writing to life. In Maths we have been practising how to add and subtract using Dienes to help see the numbers visually. We have been planning and carrying out experiments in Science and have been twisting, bending, stretching and squashing different materials to investigate how they change with force.

In other news, the Monmouth’s boat has been launched with a sprinkling of glitter by Mrs Greenland!

Lots of children are now travelling around the reading rocket chart so thank you for your support with reading!

Week 3

In Year 2 we are still working hard and enjoying our learning. This week we have been innovating the traditional tales we learnt last week to write our own versions. In Blaise Class, the Great Snake character has been turned into Great Headless Chickens and Rainbow Unicorns! In Monmouth the children wrote about bees disappearing!  We have been practising writing using all the skills we have practised so far- capital letters, noun phrases and subordination. In Maths we have been practising our times tables and number bonds to 20 and 100. In Inquiry we have looked at a globe and a flat world map to locate the continents and oceans.

Thank you to all who were able to pop in to our reading morning on Friday; it was lovely to see you and we look forward to seeing you again sometime soon. Don’t worry if you are not available on a Friday morning as we shall make sure that the children have an adult to read with. We do know that parents/carers have to work! Please try to read with your child as often as possible, we appreciate your support with this very much.

Please can you make sure that the reading books and yellow reading records come into school every day. Sometimes the timetable changes and we can hear children read individually. If anyone can spare an hour or so to hear children read in class, please let the Office know.

Thank you to everyone who completed the homework set. Next week's homework has gone home today. Please make sure homework books and reading records are returned on Thursday next week.


Week 2 

Thank you to the children for all their hard work this week! We have read stories from a different culture and have written our own versions using because, when and if to extend our sentences.  On Friday all the children from Blaise and Monmouth class read their stories to each other so everyone learned a new story! In maths we have continued to learn about place value using the greater than and less than and equal to symbols to compare numbers. We are very busy learning our tables and Monmouth Class are singing them whilst Blaise are exercising whilst learning them. Get you child to show you how we learn! In Inquiry we have been looking at maps to label the regions of the UK, capital cities and surrounding seas.


We have given out homework books this Friday and your child should have a reading record and levelled reading book which can be changed in the class. Please try to aim to read 4 out of 7 days and record this in the reading record so your child can move up the rockets and stars, we are grateful for your support. Homework is due in on Thursday. If you have any questions about the homework do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you everyone who was able to attend the Back to School meeting. We would like to invite all Year 2 parents/carers to pop in on Friday mornings from 8.40 to 8.55 am to share a book with your child.


Week 1

Welcome to Term 1! The children have made a fantastic start to Year 2 and have been a delight to teach. 

In Literacy this week we have been upgrading sentences by using incredible adjectives to make noun phrases. In Maths we have been learning about place value and partitioning numbers using dienes. In Science we have been learning about different materials and what can be made from them. On Thursday we had our first WOW Day of the year to launch our Inquiry ‘Where would a pirate be happiest?’.  We solved clues and went on a scavenger hunt to find Pirate Pete’s belongings! Both classes also made some sparkly pirate hats and worked together to create a rather impressive class boat! The boat will be ready to launch next week; we have to make a large flag before it can set sail around the playground. There was a lovely moment when one of the children found a slow worm curled up.  She thought that it  was a pirate's hook and bought it over to show us when it started to wriggle! She was very sensible, if a little surprised -as we all were to be honest - and we put it down on the other side of the fence where it was not going to get trodden on by accident!

It has been lovely to see that some children had been taking part in the library challenge over the holidays and had got certificates and medals - well done! The more practice the children have, the better they will be so thank you for helping your children to read. We are trying to hear the children read as much as we can so please can you send your child's reading book in on a daily basis as we may get a couple of extra minutes that we weren't expecting and be able to read with them.


Just to let you know that Monmouth Class has PE on a Monday and Tuesday and Blaise on Tuesday and Thursday.  PE kits should be in school every day .... just in case!


We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at Back to School Night next Wednesday, 14 September at 6.45 pm.