Year 1

Corfe and Lulworth



Week 3

Wow! We cannot believe another week has gone by already. We have continued to be very busy in Corfe and Lulworth, looking at words that rhyme in literacy and have been making rhyming strings to use in our writing. We are continuing to focus on number and place value in maths. We have been placing numbers in the correct order and playing games that involve us hiding numbers and our partners needing to work out which numbers we have taken, with the aid of a number line and some cubes. In Inquiry we have continued to help Pirate Pete. This week we have been drawing items on a map and writing the coordinates for where they are. In Science we have been sorting and naming different animals.

Thank you so much for helping the children keep up with the homework; we are really impressed with the amount of effort children are putting into completing their spelling sheets. We have now given out Reading Records, so we look forward to reading comments and changing books on a regular basis.

Mrs Lake, Mrs Lewis-Zdybel and Mrs Scrine


Week 2

What another busy week we have had in Corfe and Lulworth. On Monday, Pirate Pete came to visit us and left our classrooms in a complete mess! We search the school for clues as to who it might be and found lots of his things scattered around the school. We also found a map but had to become pirates to find the treasure. We then spent the rest of the morning creating items to turn us into pirates. In the afternoon we followed clues around the school and finally found the missing treasure! We then set about building ships to carry us and the treasure across the sea. Following on from our WOW Day, we then created maps and labelled places to help Pirate Pete navigate his ships across our playground. In literacy this week we have been writing captions to describe a pirate, focusing on carefully sounding each word, remembering our capital letters and full stops. 


Week 1

Welcome to Year 1!  What an amazing first week we have had in Lulworth and Corfe. The children have enjoyed making new friends and having lessons together in their class. This week we have been creating our Golden Rules for each class and have made a star to say that we promise to follow them.

We look forward to meeting lots of parents next week at 'Back to School Night' from 6.00 to 8.00 pm on Wednesday, 13 September.  This will provide you with more information about what happens in Year 1 and all the important information you need to know about Homework and Reading. On Friday next week, Homework and reading books will be handed out to each child and we will explain more in next week's Blog.

Mrs Lake, Mrs Lewis-Zdybel and Miss Scrine