PE Sports Grant





September 2016 to July 2017

Term 1

Our new PE sports coaching from Ignite! has joined us and children are benefitting from new clubs including handball and football.  Archery Club has also proved very popular, and we will be expanding this provision to the KS1 children from Term 2.  Our new PE Lead will be taking up the reins very shortly and starting work on this year's Action Plan.  Children in Year 5 have had lacrosse coaching in Term 1 and Blaise and Yarmouth have been enjoyed playing netball during curriculum time.  Plans to take part in inter-school competitions are startling to take shape.

September 2015 to July 2016

Terms 5 & 6


Terms 3 & 4

We have been investing in some equipment for the nursery children recently as they have shown an interest in football.  The new footballs and nets have been very well received by the children.  There's been lots of bouncing, kicking, and rolling.  Year 5 & 6 represented Castle Primary at Baskerville's gymnastic competition.  Mrs Cannon ran a series of practice sessions after school where the children learnt the routines and then had the opportunity to celebrate these skills at the competition.  The children particularly enjoyed the opportunity to compete, see what gymnastics is like in a club setting and watch some of the talented club gymnasts put on their display.   The Dance Festival was also a real success for children across the school.  They had the opportunity to show the audience in the dance they have been working hard on for many weeks.  The children loved their opportunity to get on stage in front of such a large audience.

Terms 1 & 2

We began this year with more rugby training for Year 4 which is a sport the class teacher wanted to develop too.  Children said that it made a real difference because the coach is really nice and now we play some of the games with the teacher in other lessons.    We also chose to introduce a new sport to Year 4 children with a Lacrosse coach.  The children were really enthused and many would love to do it as an after school club too.  Year 3 have also been working on the skills that they learned last year with a new Ruby coach.  They told us that the coaches had to make it a lot harder for them because they had a lot of skills from previous experience.  Mr Wilson said that it has developed his understanding of how children can get involved in rugby in a less combative way and has already implemented some of the new skills and activities in his own lessons.  

September 2014 to July 2015

Terms 5 & 6

The Summer terms have been very busy with Sport at Castle.  We had such a wonderful Sports day where all of the children were able to compete with each other and show great sporting attitudes to their peers.  Reception has had their turn enjoying their Rugby Tots sessions. The children loved playing the 'kicking games' and some have even joined the rugby tots as a result.  Both reception teachers have tried out lots of the lesson ideas and picked up some very useful skill progression tips including how to make a sport accessible to such small children.   The staff at castle also benefited from a great training session from Baskervilles where we learned how to break down and progress skills in a classroom environment.  There have been many positive impacts in class and teachers are showing increased confidence in their lessons.  Year 5 and 6 took part in a tag rugby competition which they really enjoyed, especially as they were able to put into practise lots of the skills they have learned this year.



Term 4

This term has been very busy with coaches enthusing children about new sports and school staff learning lots from expert teachers too! 

Year 1 have been lucky enough to have enjoyed some rugby lesson from Paul from ‘RugbyTots’.  Miss Lynch has learnt a lot about rugby too and will be putting some of her new skills into practice next term.  Hopefully we will see some new faces at the after school RugbyTots club as well.  Kelly Daly of Broadlands Academy has also provided us with support through the local School Sports Partnership

Year 3 have been enthused with their rugby coaching both in and out of the class!  They have been learning some new TAG rugby skills from Bath Rugby's Charitable Foundation as well as learning how to stay healthy inside the classroom.

Year R had a taster in tennis and have been very busy catching and splatting balls with tennis rackets.  It looked like great fun and their classteachers have been practising some of their new ideas with the children as a result.

In Years 4 and 6, children and teachers have been learning alongside some talented badminton coaches.  Childrens’ skills have progressed really well throughout the term and teachers have lots more ideas about how to continue teaching badminton next term too.

The Playleaders (children not adults!) have been doing a wonderful job leading activities at lunchtimes and have even been creating their own stickers and reward charts.  Well done team!


Term 3

Our new rugby club provided by Paul from ‘RugbyTots’ is proving very popular with children in Years R to 2.  We are really excited to be offering this club because lots of parents/carers and children were keen to have some more sports clubs just for some of the younger children.  Having popped along a few times it looks like children are getting very active, learning some new skills and are very enthused with a new sport.  Next term in Year 1, RugbyTots will be teaching some PE lessons alongside Miss Lynch who will be learning lots of new skills in Rugby.

Mrs Cannon has also been learning more about gymnastics as Kingswood Gymnastics Club kindly offered to help with the skills the children needed to learn for the Year 3 and 4 gymnastics competition which was held at Baskervilles in Bath.  Some of our gifted and talented children joined Mrs Cannon and we had lots of after schools practise so we could take part.  We are very excited to tell you that the children behaved very well and performed wonderfully.  Despite this being their first Gymnastics competition for the school, both Team A and Team B were bronze medal winners and one member of the team even won an individual award!  All of the children were very proud when one of our Year 6 coaches was able to perform to all of the competitors from many schools across B&NES.

Year 4 and Year 6 have benefitted from Baskervilles' support in delivering some coaching in key skills.  Teachers have learnt a lot too and have been putting their new skills into practice.


Miss Morris and Mr Parsonage went on a course to teach them all about Outdoor Education.  They have come back with lots of ideas which they have already trialled in class.  Year 6 have been working well on the problems skills as a result.


Term 1 and 2

We have been very lucky to have had a visit from a sports specialist, Brendan Rouse.  In Year R children and teachers had the opportunity to learn about keeping active in the class.  When Mrs Cannon popped in it was very active, and lots of movement going on.  Year R classteachers now have lots of new ideas about how to keep children active throughout the school day and not just in PE lessons.

Mr Rouse also trained some Year 5 and Year 6 children who have volunteered to be playleaders.  The children learnt all about how to lead play with children making it fun but also making sure everyone is involved and safe while doing so.  They had the chance to try out some of their newly learnt skills on the Year 1 children while the SMSAs came to see what they would be doing during the midday break.

There was also a Key Stage 2 Wake Up, Shake Up in the school to keep all of the children active and also introduce some resources to the teachers.

Year 2 and Year 4 were also lucky enough to take up an offer of a rugby training courses.  This was to introduce rugby to the children and also provide the teachers with some ideas of how to teach basic rugby skills.  The children really loved it and I’ve even heard that one or two children are now going to try out a local rugby training club.

In Term 1 children in KS2 were able to trial a sport they have never had a go at before.  The children were able to have a go at Wheelchair Basketball.  This looked like incredible fun and children who had never sat in a wheelchair before were soon confidently twisted and turning and having small games of Wheelchair basketball.  Thanks to South West Scorpions for leading these sessions - we hope their funding can continue as we thought this was a brilliant opportunity for our children to find out more about the sport.



September 2013 to July 2014

Term 6

The last term of the year and so much is happening! In the first week back it is Sports Day for KS1 and KS2 (Years 1 to 6), with all the children taking part in a variety of team and individual events, as voted for by both parents/carers and pupils.

Some of our Year 4s will be representing us at a Tennis Tournament later this month and we wish them luck. They have been chosen following the six week coaching programme they have had from Mr Rich Little, a specialist at Bath Tennis Club.

Our swimmers are still practising hard every Friday ready for the Swimming Fiesta at the end of June and they hope to win their section and move up into League 1.

The Play Leaders will be running a range of games, intra tournaments and the shop this term on the field as long as the weather is good.

Finally, the last of our equipment order will arrive, leaving us well stocked for September!

Term 5

In the last week of term, Year 5 also had the opportunity to go to Broadlands Academy and experience trampolining on two Olympic sized beds! It was great fun and some of the children went so high! They learnt how to do a seat drop, swivel hips, pike, straddle and play some fun games.

Year 2 are looking forward to their Basketball coaching for this term from Bath Basketball and Miss Court is limbering up, ready to develop her skills too!

KS2 girls will be preparing for the Kwik Cricket tournament in May also, and Miss Formby will be running a few practice sessions prior to the tournament to make sure we feel confident playing!

Some of our Year 5’s and 6s will be attending an Archery Inter School Tournament at Bristol Grammar School in April, which will be an exciting opportunity.

Our existing Play Leaders will be helping to train new Play Leaders who will help to run the Huff and Puff shop at lunchtimes, the Intra School games as well as continue to run the smaller play activities on the field. It will be a busy term for them!

The last part of the equipment order will be going in too, with the focus on gymnastics equipment and dance music this time to ensure we have equipment accessible for all children from 2 upwards.

Term 4

Excitingly, our new Play Leaders begin their lunchtime clubs this week, offering a daily half an hour of sustained games and play activities using their new equipment and wearing their new kit. The first week has been very successful with over 40 children attending at lunchtime!

Wake Up, Shake Up is still going strong and the children are preparing for a whole assembly Wake Up,  Shake Up at the end of term!

Mr Little has been coaching tennis each week to Year 4 and Year 1 in the mornings and they have really come on in their tennis! Mrs Cannon and Mrs Nicholls have also enjoyed learning more about teaching tennis and will be attending a course in Term 5 about the delivery of tennis throughout the school and the skills that should be taught. We will benefit from more tennis equipment too! Mr Little is also setting up a Year 3 and 4 Inter School Tennis Tournament in Term 5 which we are entering as we speak!

Year 2 had an afternoon with Miss Jones from Bath Tennis who came in to coach tennis and tell us all about the new clubs starting in Saltford. We look forward to strengthening our community link with them.

Our Street Dance club have been busy rehearsing their dance to Thriller/Off with their heads and are now ready to perform at The Dance Umbrella at The Forum in Bath, dressed as rather gruesome zombies. We wish them lots of luck!

The last part of the first equipment order has arrived with a new mat trolley included, hurrah!

Mr Parsonage has started KS2 Football club after school on a Tuesday using some of the new pop up football goals! New footballs are on their way and we are setting up links with Keynsham Town Football Club hopefully.

Year 5 have completed a range of swimming badges now as a result of their swimming sessions and it is time for the Inter School Swimming Gala practice to begin! Children from Years 3 – 6 will begin training in time for the June Gala.

Year 6 are off to Broadlands Secondary School at the end of the term to experience Basketball in the Sports Hall there, learning from the expertise of Mr John, and Mr Parsonage is looking forward to developing his skills also.

Miss Formby and Mr Leando sorted out all the PE equipment over two days also, moving the new equipment into the right place and sorting out the old equipment. The new shed is now on the field and has the Huff and Puff Play Leaders equipment in it with a desk and chair, ready for the summer term. The Play Leaders are looking forward to running some intra school games on the field in the summer terms as well as lease out equipment.

Finally, Miss Formby attended the Measuring and Evidencing the Impact of the Sport Premium Funding course offered by WESport to hear more about what is on offer here in the West Country as well as ensure that all that needs to be in place here at Castle is. She also got to take part in a dance session with her hero Val Sabin! Activate, a resource by Val, is on its way here to Castle soon to help us have a 5 minute session of physical activity in the mornings (KS1) and the afternoons (KS2).

Term 3

Miss Formby has restarted Wake up Shake up twice a week before school with brand new tracks and moves so set that alarm a little earlier and come and join the fun at 8.20am!

Year 5 and 6 had a taster in the first week of a new and exciting sport called Lacrosse. We enjoyed it so much and loved our coach Mr Wilson, that we asked him to help our teachers deliver lacrosse for the next 6 weeks so we could learn it properly. Year 3, 4 5 and 6 all benefitted from his expertise and we now have our own kit ready to use in lessons and after school. Mr Wilson enjoyed working with us so much that he is talking with Mr Burston at Wellsway Secondary School about setting up an after school club for us! We can’t wait!

Year 3 and 4 have had a coach in from Bath Rugby Club this term to help teach them how to play Tag Rugby, ready for the Inter School Tournament in the Summer! She was great and helped both the staff and students to learn how to play a great and tactical game of tag rugby. We received some free kit too as a result!

Year 5 and 6 have had some specialist training by the Dean Garrett too prior to the Indoor Athletics Championship at Wellsway School. We had a great evening at the school and really enjoyed the relays in particular, and we came third overall!

Mr Rouse, a PE specialist in the area for Primary Schools, came to visit Miss Formby and the rest of the school for the day at the end of January to help look at how to build in Leadership opportunities for our Year 5 and 6 students. He began the day however helping EY and KS1 teachers to build their confidence in delivering dance and gymnastics through team teaching. He used and left a lot of resources which staff are now using regularly and accessing from our network. He then worked with Miss Formby and a group of Year 5 and 6 to teach them how to be great play leaders. They learnt how to set up and plan safe yet stimulating and enjoyable sessions using the new equipment that had arrived. They practiced delivering their sessions to each other and were great! He also worked with our SMSA’s to show them how to support the play leaders, and Miss Formby showed them the task cards she had bought them to use as the weather becomes warmer and we can use the parachute.

Mrs Cannon, Mrs Lake and Miss Formby all attended a very usefull Gymnastics Course at Wellsway School delivered by Baskervilles, an experienced gymnastics centre in Bath. It was an excellent day and staff experienced all areas of gymnastics, building from the very beginning up to more complex skills, learnt how to manage smaller spaces and equipment safely, how to differentiate through opportunity and feedback and how to be fully inclusive.

Mrs Cannon and Mrs Nicholls are currently trialling the FUNS course material in their classes and the plan is to bring them into all lessons across the school at the start of the new year in September, using them as warm up activities.

Term 2

Year 5 have been lucky enough to attend four Dodgeball training sessions at Broadlands Secondary School before their Inter Dodgeball Tournament against other schools in Keynsham. They had a fabulous afternoon playing as two teams and they won most of their matches! This meant that they won the overall tournament and became Dodgeball Champions! Well done Year 5!

Miss Formby has had a good look at our current equipment this term and completed a rather large order ready to improve our PE equipment so that we can have super PE lessons! In the order are rebound nets, tennis sets, lacrosse kits, target sets for Early Years and new cones. There is also a huff and puff kit ready for a new venture in Term 3!

Year 6 are almost at the end of their swimming this term and lots of them have achieved their 25m badges. For those are almost there though, don’t worry because the Top Up swimming will be with you in the summer term J

Miss Formby attended a Swimming in Schools course this week also and has now written a scheme of work for each year group that swims to follow based on three tiers of swimmers.

The background

We are absolutely delighted to have finally received our long-awaited PE Sports Grant for 2013/2014. This has been given to us in two parts - some to spend in this financial year (ending 31 March 2014) with more available from April to July 2014.  

Whilst we have been making plans on how to spend this fantastic grant, we didn't want to count our chickens before they were hatched (see our Newsletter dated 21 November)!  All too often, what has been promised fails to materialise or is less than we thought it would be.

Now the money is safely in our bank account, PE at Castle should develop to more closely reflect the team spirit that exists throughout the school on so many different levels. 

As well as seeing the impact of this for pupils (and staff!) in day-to-day activities, we will use this page to demonstrate what we have used the grant for and what this actually means in real terms as a lifelong legacy that we spent so much time talking about in school last year during the London Olympics.

Most, if not all, of you already know Miss Formby as our Year 5 classteacher.  She has also recently been appointed as our PE Coordinator and what you might not know about her is that she joined us having had fantastic experience as a PE teacher in a secondary school, with a degree from Loughborough - the university home of Lord Sebastian Coe (those Olympics again!).

Staff have also begun to benefit from additional training and this should start to be reflected in learning opportunities ... sessions booked/ attended so far include

  • Swimming Coaching (don't forget Year 5s start their sessions on 17 January!)
  • Gymnastics in the Primary School
  • FUNS Training
  • PE in Key Stage 2 - what promises to be a brilliant day on 20 January with Brendan Rouse, a sports specialist, sourced through the School Sports Partnership

You should also start to notice a wider range of clubs and sporting opportunities on our Club 'Menu', as well as the teaching of sports we have never tried before.  Anyone for lacrosse?

Year 5 will shortly be taking part in a Dodgeball Tournament and had their first practice session this week.  More events are planned in partnership with Broadlands Academy during this academic year.

If you yourself have a sporting talent that you haven't told us about before or a burning desire to see a particular event at Castle, please let the Office know.

Watch this space!