Term and Holiday Dates

Please note that, for the 2018/2019 academic years, there are five days set aside for staff training (shown in red).  The school is open for the legal minimum of 190 days.



Holidays in Term Time

Family Holidays in Term Time Advice for Parents/Carers

Prior to a leave of absence being considered, you will need to meet with Mrs Harris, Headteacher, at least ten days in advance of the requested absence.  Please call or pop in to the Office to arrange an appointment.

The school will only grant leave of absence in exceptional circumstances.  We will assess each request on an individual basis, considering both the impact missing school will have on the child’s education and any special circumstances of which you make us aware. 

Absence for any of the following reasons will NOT be authorised:

X  Full day or half day for travelling to or from a UK holiday destination, eg to miss traffic, early start, early access to accommodation etc

X Days Out and Events, eg theme parks, water parks, concerts, performances, festivals and ‘birthday treats’ etc

X Travelling time to social gatherings, eg weddings, christenings, family birthdays etc

X Annual Family Holidays

X Cost

X Voucher Type holidays

X Less than ten school days notice before commencement of leave








 The school will take into account:


  1. The pupil’s age and the stage in their education
  2. The timing of the holiday, ie Assessments, SATs and preparation for SATS
  3. The nature of the holiday
  4. The overall attendance pattern of the pupil
  5. The progress of the pupil


  • We understand some parents/carers have no choice about when to take holidays, eg factory shutdowns, and we will ask for written confirmation from your employer.  The law requires attendance at school and many parents/carers are not aware it is not a  parental right to take children out of school during term time.
  • Every school day counts and any absence from school will result in lost learning and a risk of underachievement.
  • There are 175 days per year when children are not in school.
  • All leave of absence requests must be discussed with the Headteacher prior to making your arrangements and submitting this form, you will be asked to bring any supporting evidence, eg wedding or christening invite, letter from employer etc.

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