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As part of our continuing partnership with parents/carers, we will provide home learning opportunities for all children. We try as much as possible to keep this as similar across the classes but we make alterations depending on the needs of the children. If you are finding the home learning is too challenging or not challenging enough for your child then please contact the Office to make an appointment with your child's classteacher who will be happy to provide support.


As a general rule, children are expected to read and least four times a week and record a comment in their Reading Diaries; for younger children this may be discussed with the adult who then writes in the book. Comments should focus on what has been read and may start with phrases like: I enjoyed the part where... because..., I worked out how to read (a difficult word), The writer has made this story really exciting by..., I'm not really enjoying this book because...I found this book too easy can I change to a harder book? .

All children from Year 1 upwards will be given a set of spellings.  They need to learn these and write up to 10 sentences (the number varies depending on the age of the children) neatly in their Home Learning Books. Please help your child to write these using a sharp pencil and their neatest handwriting. Children will be tested on their spellings on a Thursday.

Mental Maths targets will also be given.  Children should practise these at home and are given a timed test every day.  If you find your child is struggling or has been on the same target for a few weeks (even if they are doing lots of practice at home) then please contact the classteacher who may be able to increase the time given or reduce the number of questions.

Children may also be given an optional Home Learning project linked to their Inquiry.  We always look forward to seeing these as, in the past, we have had everything from photo stories retelling the three little pigs using live guinea pigs to castles made of cake!

Children in Year R (Reception) will be given reading books to share with parents/carers and phonics to practise at home.





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