Tucktastic - Castle Primary Healthy Tuck Shop

Sadly, we still don't have enough volunteers to staff Tuck Shop and it remains closed.  This is a real shame as the quality of written applications submitted were brilliant - there just weren't enough.  There's still time though!


Children in Year 5 organise and run a Tuck Shop, providing fruit and veg snacks at morning playtime for children in Key Stage 2.  Each portion costs 20p and it is really helpful if customers bring the right change.




Every week we will be selling apples, bananas, cucumber and oranges.  We wanted to sell strawberries and grapes but they were just too expensive!  Depending on the price we sometimes sell portions of melon or pineapple, sugar snap peas, baby plum or cherry tomatoes and, on Mondays and Wednesdays, we sell raisins too (we can't sell these every day because of the new 'food standards').