Castle Eco Warriors

Welcome to the Eco Warriors Page!

We are a group of children, split into three sub-teams, who try to make the school as green and environmentally friendly as possible. As a group we discussed all the environmental issues locally, nationally and internationally that we thought were important and put them into a code. We shared this with the school in an assembly and it is always displayed on our Eco noticeboard.



We are currently working towards our Green Flag award. We made a list of all the things we needed to do and wrote an action plan.  From this plan we identified some things that we felt were most important in helping our school to become more environmentally friendly.  Our main priorities for the year are to:

  • Try and reduce our energy bills
  • Encourage more children to walk, cycle or scoot to school
  • Try and recycle or reuse materials that we currently do not recycle. 


The Work of the Eco Warriors

The Energy Team



The Travel Team

This week we met with Hannah Brittan, the School Travel Plan Officer for B&NES.  We discussed lots of things we can do to work towards achieving the Silver Modeshift Stars Award - we have just been awarded Bronze for the second year in a row.  Hannah was very impressed with our many ideas .... We are planning assemblies, posters and other initiatives (remember 'Bling your Bike'?) so watch out for more news soon.


The Recycling Team

We have all been working hard to keep the compost bin full and the green bins on the playground empty.  We collect the green bins daily from both playgrounds and our lifeskills room and we empty them into a compost bin.  We also collect tea bags and other compostible food waste from the staff room and we check that only compostible waste is added to the bins.