Friends of Castle Primary School

Welcome to the Friends of Castle Primary School web page.   Our own website is currently under construction and we will let you all know the details when it goes live.


Contact The Friends

Please send us a message. We would love to hear from you. It could be an offer of help or you might want to hire a stall at one of our events.


'Friends of Castle' is the Parent/Staff association at Castle Primary School.  It is open to all parents/carers and exists for the sole benefit of Castle pupils.

We meet every term in a very relaxed environment to discuss and arrange events to raise money for the children and the school.  At the end of each year, the Friends and Headteacher, Miss Tabram, meet and discuss what is needed at the school, and the children are also asked for any ideas they would like to put forward.

It was agreed that some money would be used for a new library and the rest would go towards new play equipment for when the new school extension has been completed.

All the money raised goes back into more events and pays for all the children's 'WOW' days they have throughout the year.  We also pay for the Year 6 Autograph books, which is a lovely keepsake for them to remember all the great times they have had.

So far this school year fund-raising events have included:

- The Smartie Challenge - this was a fantastic event which most of the children got involved in. Who wouldn't want a tube of smarties to eat, a fun challenge to fill the tube with small change and a prize at the end! All whilst helping to raise money for their school!
- Designing your own personalised Christmas cards with Cauliflower Cards.
- A stall at Keynsham Winter Festival, selling lots of home-made goodies and a few games for the children.
- Christmas Disco's
- A visit and gift for the classes from Father Christmas
Film Nights
Hand-made gifts for children to purchase for their Mothers/Carers for Mothers Day
Mothers Day raffle

Coming up in 2016

24th March - Decorated Easter Egg Competition
Mothers /Carers Picnic
Summer Fayre

Any help, big or small is welcome. Whether you are an ideas person, a cake baker, an organiser or a shopper we will have a role for you! You don't even have to attend meetings to be actively involved.

We would love it if YOU could join us to put on those extra special events that enrich the school community.

How to get in touch:
- Join our facebook page ‘Castle Friends’
- Leave a message with the office
- Catch us in the play ground

Many thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon.





Below is a link to Name Labels, a website that produces labels for lunch boxes, shoes, clothes etc. Please browse the site using the link!


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Link to Name Labels

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