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As with any school, children do have the usual minor illnesses, such as coughs and colds and tummy upsets.  If there are any particular clusters or spikes in any illness, we let parents/carers know by text.  In line with Public Health England guidelines, we do monitor the numbers of children who are away from school and the reasons why.  It is really important that we know why a child is absent for this reason so parents/carers will be asked to provide more information than a simple 'unwell' when reporting an absence.  This helps us maintain good infection control procedures and, in the very, very rare occasions when a significant number of children are unwell, seek advice and/or help from health professionals.  

We endeavour to provide specific information on a range of illnesses and conditions as and when necessary.  Please contact the Office if there is anything you are particularly interested in or concerned about.


Year 6 SHINE Course

Scarlet Fever Information

 March 2014 Scarlet fever Q and A factsheet.pdf

Updated Department of Health Scarlet Fever Information Letter - 8 March 2016



Increase in Respiratory Illnesses/Conditions


Head Lice and Nits Advice

Headlice Treatment and Advice Leaflet

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