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The School Nursing Team is based at St Martin's Hopsital.  Our School Nurse is Fiona McGlynn - tel 01225 831666.

Their web link is ...

Bath and North East Somerset Community Health and Care Services » School Nursing



Important Safety Advice


We have been asked to share this important advice with you by the Public Health Department, Bath and North East Somerset Council.

Doctors have issued warnings regarding the size and shape of grapes and cherry/plum tomatoes and the risk of choking.

The size and shape of grapes and cherry or plum tomatoes mean they can completely plug a child's airway.  The tight seal produced by the food's smooth surface makes them difficult to dislodge with standard first aid techniques.

Young children are particularly vulnerable to choking on grapes/tomatoes because:

  • Their swallow reflex is developing
  • Their airway is very small
  • They don't have a full set of teeth and are still learning to chew properly

It is advised that grapes and tomatoes are cut in half lengthways and ideally in quarters.




BaNES CCG advises people with symptoms of norovirus to stay at home


An outbreak of norovirus is affecting hospitals and other health care settings in Bath and North East Somerset. In partnership with local health providers, Bath and North East Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group (BaNES CCG) is urging people who are currently experiencing symptoms of norovirus to stay at home.


Norovirus is characterised by forceful vomiting and watery diarrhoea. Some people also experience a raised temperature, headaches, painful stomach cramps, and/or aching limbs. Symptoms usually appear one to two days after a person becomes infected but they can start sooner. Most healthy people will make a full recovery within a couple of days.


It is vital that people who may have norovirus do not visit hospitals, care homes or their GP surgery. If you have had norovirus, you should ensure that you have been free of symptoms for a full 48 hours before visiting a friend or relative in hospital or attending an outpatient appointment.


An outbreak of norovirus can have a real impact on hospitals and other care settings. Containing the virus is vitally important to stop it spreading. It is especially important that people with norovirus refrain from visiting a hospital or care home. Visiting a loved one whilst infectious could put them at risk of catching the virus, and could have serious consequences – for them and for other patients or residents.


Dawn Clarke, Director of Nursing and Quality at BaNES CCG said:


“Norovirus is very unpleasant but usually resolves itself in 24 to 48 hours. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to prevent infections occurring in the community. Taking precautions like washing hands thoroughly after contact with potentially contaminated surfaces or with someone who has the infection will help to reduce the spread of norovirus.


“There is no specific cure for the illness and, as it is viral and not caused by an infection, it cannot be treated with antibiotics. Therefore, people with the illness are advised not to visit their GP but to stay home, to get lots of rest and to drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration.


“If you are worried about your symptoms then you should call 111 who will be able to advise on the most appropriate course of action and treatment.”



Nasal Flu Vaccine

You will find below a copy of the School Nursing Service's presentation regarding the vaccine.  Very sorry to those who attended the proposed presentation.  The School Nursing Service apologises for the oversight.


In answer to the questions that came up from parents, the School Nursing responses are as follows, but if you have any further questions then please call them direct on 01225 831666.


Q: Can my child have the vaccine if they have had their adenoids and tonsils removed?

A: Yes, this is absolutely fine.

Q: Why have the Health Service decided to vaccinate this age group?

A: This is the first year for vaccinations to take place in schools. But in the last three years, GPs have offered it mainly to three to four year olds and those children with asthma, etc.  There have been some very nasty strains of the virus affecting the older and elderly population.  As children harbour the virus, they can spread it without actually having it themselves, although some children obviously do get it.   So, by targeting the younger population it will reduce the risk to the elderly.



Parent Information Leaflet